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    11 Dressed-Up Toms You Could Actually Wear To A Fancy Occasion

    DIY your Toms and dance the night away in style. Perfect for a wedding or other summer soiree.

    1. Bow TOMS

    These bow TOMS were created by Cathy from Trinkets in Bloom. Classic polka dots and detachable bow clips make them perfect comfy shoes for the bride. They'll also double as slip ons for your beach honeymoon, and the clips can be reused for other shoes or accessories. If you’re making these for the whole wedding party, you could make gold or silver for the bride and use colored glitter for the bridesmaids and flower girl.

    Materials: pair of TOMS, white fabric paint, duct tape, shoe clips, glue, Mod Podge, glitter, pencil eraser, scissors, foil, and plate or bowl.

    Stamp your shoes. Pour a small amount of fabric paint onto a plate or bowl. Dip the end of your pencil eraser into the paint and stamp it all over both shoes.The dots on the pair shown are a little less than one inch apart.

    Cut two pieces of duct tape about 4" long each. Place one piece on top of the other, sticky sides together. Trim the ends to straighten them, and cut them in half the long way.

    Fold each piece of duct tape in half. Glue the ends together, then glue the two pieces together to form the bow.

    Cut another piece of duct tape about 3" long. Fold it in half the long way with the sticky sides together. Trim the ends. Wrap this piece of tape around the bow and glue to secure. Let the glue dry; you can use the shoe clips to hold the bows in place while they dry.

    In a foil-lined bowl, mix together Mod Podge and glitter. Paint your Mod Podge glue mixture over your bow. Let dry. As it dries, you may need to touch up the glitter.

    Glue the bows to the clips. Paint the ends of the clips with the glitter Mod Podge mix. Let dry.

    Attach the bows to your shoes. Since they're detachable, you can wear them in the front or the back, or even on the side.

    2. TOMS with a Touch of Lace and Flowers

    These flirty feminine TOMS were created by Eileen from Yes Missy. Her tutorial will transform your everyday slip-ons into a fun and romantic pair of dress shoes you can wear to any special event.

    Materials: pair of TOMS, lace, trimming, chiffon fabric, scissors, tea light, lighter, stapler, and glue gun.

    Measure and cut the lace. Take your lace and measure the amount you need by lining it up against your TOMS and snipping off any excess lace.

    Secure the lace with glue. With your glue gun, squeeze out a line of glue where your lace will go. Press your lace along the glue to secure it.

    Add trim. Measure out the needed amount of trim and attach it in the exact same way as your lace.

    Make an outline for your chiffon rosettes. Trace a 1.5"-diameter circle on your chiffon fabric, and carefully cut out 8 chiffon circles. (And maybe a few extras just in case.)

    Cut out your petals. Cut five 1/3" slits into each of the chiffon circles.

    Shape your petals. Light your tea light and hold each chiffon circle about 1" away from the flame to slightly melt the edges, creating a petal effect. Do this with all 8 of your chiffon circles.

    Fold your petals into rosettes. Take 4 of your chiffon circles and stack them on top of each other. Then fold the stack in half to from a half circle, then fold it again to form a rosette.

    Secure your rosettes. Use your stapler to secure the shape of your rosette.

    Finish off your shoes. Attach your chiffon rosette to your shoes with a glue gun and you're ready to dance the night away!

    3. Pearly TOMS

    Pearls give a classic edge to accessories, and they're huge this season. Use them to embellish your TOMS by following this simple tutorial by Francesca from Fall for DIY. Using half pearl studs gives your shoes an on-trend customization perfect for a summer wedding or special event.

    Materials: pair of TOMS, half pearl beads, strong multi-purpose glue, baking paper, and cotton buds.

    Squeeze a little glue onto a sheet of baking paper. Use a cotton bud to dab a little glue onto the back of the pearl beads.

    Press the studs against the fabric. Start along the visible TOMS line, gluing the pearls about 1/2" apart.

    Glue the next row in between the first. Continue this process, moving towards the front of the shoe. You’ll start to see diagonal lines forming. Follow these lines to help you when you’re attaching the studs to the front of the shoe.

    Glue the studs. Adhere them along the sides of the TOMS using the same pattern.

    Leave the glue to dry fully. And enjoy!

    4. TOMS Lined With Lace

    These whimsically adorned TOMS were created by Chiara and Irene of One O. Delicate lace doesn't obscure too much of the original shoe, creating a romantic and fanciful look, ideal for the big day or a summer soiree. You can match the lace to the colors of your TOMS (as done here with the cream color), or go for contrast.

    Materials: pair of TOMS, about 20" each of two different laces (one for the edge that is around 0.5-1", and one for the head of the shoe that is around 1.5-2"), textile glue (or a glue gun), and textile scissors.

    Measure the lace. Start by posing the lace over the shoe in different positions. Take the time to look at the effect and decide precisely how the lace will be glued. Once you've settled on a design, cut your lace to the right sizes.

    Lay your lace on a rough surface and cover it with glue. Work quickly so the glue doesn't dry. Start from the external side of the shoe and place it in position one piece at a time. Once it's in position and looks fine, press firmly. Add small bits of glue to the hanging points of the lace that aren't too well attached but be careful not to let it fall on other part of the shoe. In the TOMS shown, the lace is attached to the edge with the points facing downward.

    Now consider the toes of the shoe. Like before, place the lace on top too see how it fits, and cut the correct size. Cover with glue, but this time don't fill the points as we'll do it later. Following the seam and starting from the external side, place the lace one part at a time and then press firmly.

    Now add glue to the central hanging point and make it bend on the end of the shoe. After that, you can glue the other parts of the lace popping out by glueing on top of the central point.

    To add a final touch, look carefully at your lace. Are there any accessories small and cute enough to fit in the central elastic band? Yes? Then go for it! We found a little flower that fit perfectly. Just cut out and glue to adhere.

    Repeat every step with the other shoe and you're done. It should take you no more than 30 minutes to make your brand new party shoes.

    5. InstaTOMS

    These photographic TOMS by Natalie from My Little Secrets offer a truly unique solution for what to do with those Instagram or vacation photos, and they're a great way to incorporate special memories into your wedding day or everyday wear.

    Materials: pair of TOMS, your favorite Instagram (or other) photos printed onto regular paper (two sheets of 5 x 7 images will cover approximately two shoes), Mod Podge glue, a paint brush, scissors, and ribbon trim (optional).

    Position the image onto the shoe and cut into desired shapes. You may want to use a pen/pencil to help trace some cut lines.

    Place the cut-out photo on top of the shoe. Using scissors, carefully trim excess pieces off the edges.

    Apply Mod Podge onto the shoe. Coat the area where the photograph will go.

    Place photo paper on top of the glue-covered area. Apply more Mod Podge on top. This will act as a protective layer.

    Continue to build a collage on the rest of the shoe using the same technique. Repeat until the entire surface you desire is covered. Set aside to dry for at least one hour.

    If you want a little something more, add a decorative ribbon trim to cover the edges. Now your feet have their own story to tell!

    6. Sequin Striped TOMS

    Veva from My White Idea fancied these slightly shimmery TOMS. Using sequin strips make construction super easy, and you can easily match the color to your wedding or other party theme.

    Materials: pair of TOMS, sequin strips, scissors, thread and needle or fabric glue

    Measure the sequin strips. To do so, hold them up to the TOMS where you'd like them placed.

    Cut the sequin strips. Go ahead and cut a few more than you need just in case.

    Sew the strips in place. Sew from the inside of the shoe out, using a thimble to protect your finger.

    Continue sewing from the outside of the shoe. You can also paste the sequin stripe with fabric glue, but sewing will make them last longer.

    And you're done! Ready to shimmy the night away.

    7. TOMS Coated in Glitter


    Your well-worn pair of TOMS can be turned into party-worthy wear with this tutorial by Lil Blue Boo.

    8. Initialed TOMS


    Subtly hand stitching your initials into a pair of simple white TOMS turns them into a romantic wedding day shoe. As done by this Pinner.

    9. 1 Corinthians TOMS


    Write a favorite love-themed verse, poem, or passage onto a pair of white TOMS, and throw in some colorful accents while you're at it. These Corinthians TOMS are by FruitfulFeet on Etsy, but you could easily DIY your own with a Sharpie and fabric paint.

    10. Crystal Covered TOMS


    Nothing says party like swarovski crystals. Create a pair from the traditional flat TOMS, like the ones on the left by this blogger. All it takes is glue, several bags of crystals, and a whole lot of patience. Or you could also make a platform version like these.

    11. TOMS With Glittery Hearts


    Nothing says wedding romance like hearts. Paint glittery ones onto your TOMS, as done here.