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22 Celebrities That Look Nothing Alike

Here are 11 sets of famous people that really just look so different.

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1. Oprah Winfrey and Channing Tatum

It's uncanny how much they DON'T look alike. Not only does Oprah have much more hair, but their cheeckbones are in totally different places on the face.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Cera

Whhhooooaaaaaaaaaa they are sooooooooo different looking it's kind of scary!! Definitely born from two different mother/father combinations.

4. Idris Elba and Benedict Cumberbatch

It's as if they aren't twins or something. For one, Idris is incredibly handsome, unlike his counterpart who looks like a lemon being squeezed.

5. Cate Blanchet and Kate Beckinsale

OK, not to sound weird, but... these two do not resemble each other at all!! SORRY, I had to say it!! Even though they are both named Cate/Kate they are still not that similar!!

6. Shakira and Alec Baldwin

This one is kind of shocking. They look like two totally different humans. They have different eye colors for crying out loud!!

9. Laurence Fishburne and Samuel L. Jackson

Is it just me or do these two men look compleeeeeeeetly different?????? I can tell them apart almost TOO well if that's possible.

11. Betty White and Janeane Garofalo

It's actually MIND. BLOWING. how different their DNAs turned out to be that they look so far from alike it's as if they aren't related at all and have no common ancestry.

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