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18 Scrumptious Polish Dishes That Will Rock Your World

Yeah, it's a lot of meat, cheese and potatoes. And your problem is?

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5. Barszcz (Polish red borscht)

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The basic Polish borscht recipe includes red beetroot, onions, garlic, and other vegetables, such as carrots and celery or root parsley. Some versions are made with meat or bacon and served as a thicker stew. A vegetarian version of barszcz is presented as the first course during the Christmas Eve feast, served with ravioli-type dumplings called uszka with mushroom filling.

6. Bigos (a traditional meat stew)

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A traditional meat stew that contains white cabbage, sauerkraut (kapusta kiszona), various cuts of meat and sausages, often whole or puréed tomatoes, honey and mushrooms, and is served with rye bread or mashed potatoes.

7. Blueberry mazurka

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A decadent Polish wedding sweet treat, here made with blueberry preserves filling that's spiked with blueberry vodka, pressed between layers of crumbly pastry made with brown sugar, walnuts, oats, flour and butter. (Recipe here by Culinary Cara.)


10. Polish hot dog

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Polish dogs are usually made with either kielbasa or a combination of beef and pork with some other additives that give it a taste distinct from traditional hot dogs. Sometimes cheese is put inside it. And, it's usually larger than a regular hot dog. Yay.

11. Gołąbki

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Cabbage stuffed with meat and rice. According to Polish myth, the King of Poland Casimir IV Jagiello fed his army with gołąbki before a key battle of the Thirteen Years' War. Victory stemmed from the strength of the hearty meal.


12. Kotlet schabowy (breaded pork) and potato dumplings

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A Polish variety of pork breaded cutlet that dates back to the 19th century. It's coated with breadcrumbs similar to Viennese schnitzel, but made of pork tenderloin (with the bone or without), or with pork chop.