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19 Great Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The day of feasting approaches, and bits of turkey advice waft on the breeze like autumn leaves. But what's the right way? Well, that depends.

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1. If you want the power of #science on your side:

Alton Brown's turkey recipe is The Recipe for a reason: It works. Brining does wonders for a bird that can easily end up dry and bland, and this herby/spicy brine is the one to use if you've never tried the method before.


4. If the word "brine" both thrills and terrifies you:

Then a Dry-Brined Roasted Turkey is for you! This method involves no actual dunking-in-liquid; you just pile on the spices and salt and let time do the rest. You can switch up the seasoning however you want; try this Fennel, Maple & Chile Dry-Brined Turkey if you're feeling frisky.