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19 Great Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The day of feasting approaches, and bits of turkey advice waft on the breeze like autumn leaves. But what's the right way? Well, that depends.

1. If you want the power of #science on your side:

2. If you want to honor the spirit of Thanksgivukkah:

3. If you're bound and determined to bust out the grill:

4. If the word "brine" both thrills and terrifies you:

5. If you like a little spice in your life:

6. If all you really care about is that pumpkin is involved somehow:

7. If you're really just in it for the bacon:

8. If you're a hopeless aromatic:

9. If you'd secretly rather just watch football:

10. If you have lots of oil and no fear:

11. If you're happiest when a stick of butter is involved:

12. If you've got something to prove:

13. If you'd rather not tackle a whole entire bird:

14. If you've figured out that the dark meat is the good part:

15. If you'd be equally happy to eat Chinese food for this or any meal:

16. If you like a little something sweet:

17. If one bird is not enough:

18. If you don't quite dare to go full turducken:

19. If you're still just not sure which turkey is the turkey for you:

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