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Because a lot of you have apparently been wondering.

Michelle No • 6 minutes ago

Plumbers get 50% more calls on the day after Thanksgiving — aka Brown Friday — than any other day.

Emily Shwake • 3 hours ago

Try something new this year!

Jesse Szewczyk • 40 minutes ago

Let your stomach reveal your soul.

Hannah Loewentheil • 4 hours ago

We're all thankful for Wayfair.

carolinecahill • 8 hours ago

So you don't under- or over-shop.

I saved money and time, but still put together a delicious meal.

Because every Thanksgiving table needs dinner rolls.

Jesse Szewczyk • 3 hours ago

If you're reading this now, it's NOT too late.

No carbs, no problem.

Quick: Mashed potato or sweet potato casserole?

Because Season 8 can't get here fast enough.

It's a Kardashian Thanksgiving!

If there's anyone who can make a killer apple pie, it's Gordon Ramsay.

Not all pie recipes are created equal.

Jesse Szewczyk • 4 hours ago

The holidays are a truly a ~magical~ time.

Keep calm and party on.

From seasonal sips to bite-sized party apps.

Please, let it snow.

A step-by-step guide to creating your ultimate Thanksgiving mash — from chunky skin-on varieties to the creamiest mashed potatoes you've ever had.

Jesse Szewczyk • 40 minutes ago

Everything you need to know about making the ultimate stuffing — from recipes and tips, to step-by-step guides to mastering the classic.

Jesse Szewczyk • 7 hours ago

It does one thing perfectly.

Choose wisely, hungry one.

Shopping on a budget isn't fun, anyway.

Let's eat!

Dig in!

Make the best crust of your life thanks to one secret ingredient.

Michelle No • 40 minutes ago

Everything you need to know about roasting the perfect turkey — from seasoning, to carving, to making a delicious homemade gravy.

I didn't choose the married life, it chose me.

"Thanksgiving snuck up so quickly this year. Then it's Christmas, then New Year's, then we all die..."

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to splurge on rose gold caskets.

"I once saw a woman try to cut the checkout line, and another woman grabbed her by the hair and whipped her into a display stand."

Dealing with Black Friday crowds or dicking around on Twitter? The choice is easy.

Don't worry. We won't tell anyone.

You're welcome!

“Screw turkey. Turkey sucks."


We'll get through this together.

Happy Parade's-giving.

Go ahead and eat your feelings.

No awkward silences in this house.

What do you like to grub?

Eat your way to the truth.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the books Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Franzen, R.L. Stine, James Patterson, Rainbow Rowell, Michael Chabon, Lemony Snicket, Chuck Palahniuk, and more of your favorite authors are grateful for.

Because nobody does Thanksgiving like the Belchers.

You better be thankful for this.

All the more reason to support them on Small Business Saturday!


"Dust is not a valid reason for a discount, Martha!"

The voice of Mickey Mouse and the voice of Minnie Mouse got married in real life!

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