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15 Clapbacks From Movies And TV That You Can Use On Everyone This Holiday Season

You better be thankful for this.

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So, we all know the holidays can be difficult.


Loralei: We're not fighting, we're bonding!

And, sometimes, we need to look to pop culture to ~get inspired~ for a great comeback to a family member's less-than-ideal remark, or a co-worker's unrestrained stupidity.


So I've taken the liberty of putting together some ~fun~ clapbacks from pop culture that you can 100% use this holiday season (or, you know, just say in your head to cheer yourself up):

1. For the family member who insists on NOT fact-checking their political claims before insisting them to be true.

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2. For the less-than-correct customer holding up the line on Black Friday while claiming "the customer is always right."


Jinx: You're so full of shit, the toilet's jealous.

3. For the friend that made you late AF to the holiday happy hour because they couldn't stop with the selfies.

Sony Pictures Classics

4. For the creepy customer hitting on you at YOUR JOB on Black Friday, as if you don't have anything more important to be doing.


5. For the conservative family member who always has something to say about the way you dress.

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6. For the coworker/"friend" who signed you up for a shift on Black Friday without consulting you first.

Warner Bros.

7. For the teenage family member vocally going through their sassy "I hate everything, everything sucks" phase.

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8. For the drunk girl at the company holiday party who can't stop screaming the lyrics to "Bootylicious".


9. For the brand new manager who has no clue what they're doing on a very busy Black Friday, but insists that they are "in charge."

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10. For the family member who your mom won't let you outright call a "bitch," but you'd still like them to get the gist of your true feelings in a ~classier way~.

Loew's Inc.

11. For the coworker that royally messed up, and is now forcing you to stay late to help explain to them how to fix the issue.

20th Century Fox

12. For the family member getting up to take the last piece of pie, which you 100% claimed.

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13. For the manager you can't stand who refuses to shower, but insists on standing in your bubble.


Leia: I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.

14. For the family member who wants to play a physical sport RIGHT AFTER you gorge yourself on holiday food.


15. And, if all else fails, just use literally any line from this classic exchange in one of the greatest films of all time.

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Hook is one of the greatest movies of all time, fight me.

What are some of your favorite movie clapbacks to use IRL? Share them in the comments below (because we need all the help we can get, TBH).