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"Say 'Yuck' Or 'Yum' To These Thanksgiving Foods And We'll Guess Your Personality" And 14 Other Thanksgiving Quizzes

You know what they say, you are what you eat.

🚨 ATTENTION: This is NOT a quiz. This is a collection of cute, relaxing, and turkey-esque quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment. 🚨

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3. We Know The Age Of Your Tastebuds Based On The Thanksgiving Plate You Build

A bowl of mashed potatoes with text overlay that says, "26?" next to an image of green bean casserole with text overlay that says, "50?"

Will you be sitting at the kids' table this year? Take the quiz here.

5. I Bet You Can't Make It Through This Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving dinner next to an image of Alexis, with wide eyes and pursed lips, from Schitt's Creek

It won't be easy, but I believe in you! Take the quiz here.

8. This Thanksgiving Showdown Will Determine Once And For All Which Dishes Are Superior

Mashed potatoes with butter next to an image of sweet potato casserole and the caption, "Qhat's the superior potato dish?"

Are you a mashed potato purist or a sweet potato casserole fan? Take the quiz here.

12. Everyone Is A Combination Of Two Thanksgiving Side Dishes — What Are You?

A plate of roasted carrots next to an image of a bowl of mashed potatoes

What delicious combination are you? Take the quiz here.

...and a Happy Turkey Day to ya! 🦃

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