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Updated on Nov 29, 2019. Posted on Nov 28, 2019

16 People Who Probably Should Have Sat Thanksgiving Out This Year

Oh my.

1. This person who thinks it's acceptable to thaw the Thanksgiving turkey in the tub (only swipe right if you dare):

2. This person who threw a burning hot pan into the trash and it started a fire:

3. This person who thought they bought an apple pie for Thanksgiving, but it turned out to be a chicken pot pie:

4. This person who catered in this macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving:

5. This person whose Thanksgiving banana bread turned out to be more of a soufflé:

6. This person who tried to be the MVP with THANKSGIVING QUESO, but then spilled it all:

7. This person who forgot to put the turkeys in the oven, so the family Thanksgiving got delayed by two hours:

8. This person who didn't realize the wind blew out the flame while trying to smoke their Thanksgiving turkey:

9. This person who tried to iron the Thanksgiving tablecloth and burnt a hole in the middle, so they put the table runner the wrong way to cover it up:

10. This person who made sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving that looked like this:

11. This person who attempted to thaw their Thanksgiving turkey outside (because it's sunny in Arizona right now!) and the dog got to it:

12. The person who showed up to Thanksgiving with this layered chocolate cheesecake:

13. This person who forgot to get a turkey in advance, so they stayed up all night changing the hot water every 30 minutes to get the turkey to thaw in time:

14. This person who dropped the cherry pie before it even made its way out of the oven:

15. This person who tried to make a Thanksgiving cheesecake, but made a kitchen disaster instead:

16. And this person who thought shaking their "Thanksgiving" hard boiled eggs in the pot would make the shells come off easier:

Thanksgiving. It's not for amateurs.