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Jennifer Aniston Finally Gave In To Jimmy Kimmel's Thanksgiving Demands And Made Him Enchiladas

"Finally, someone listened to me."

Jennifer Aniston just made all of Jimmy Kimmel's Thanksgiving wishes come true.

Perhaps you remember that last Thanksgiving, Jennifer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy confronted her about her annual "Fakesgiving" event.

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Basically, the day before Thanksgiving every year, Jennifer Aniston invites her friends over for a traditional turkey feast. But Jimmy had one complaint about the meal:

On Thanksgiving, I cook a lot of stuff. The normal turkey, yams, sweet potatoes, the whole deal. But at your event, we have all of those things. So then I'm making the same thing everyone had the night before, again. So, in essence, you've turned my meal into leftovers.

"So you want me to sacrifice my Thanksgiving meal?" Jennifer asked.


Jimmy then requested that instead of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, Jennifer "designate another special meal that we have, that's not turkey."


"This sounds like a very grateful human being," Jennifer teased.


Jimmy suggested that next year, Jennifer make Mexican food instead:

I know you love Mexican food. Gracias-giving could be a nice thing for us. Or Amigos-giving. Whatever you want to call it. And if you start doing it, everyone will follow suit. Just like with your haircuts, everyone gets the same hair.

Well, one year later, Jennifer finally made Jimmy his Mexican food...

...Along with a special little sign just for him.

Jennifer then shared a video of Kimmel being surprised with the "f**king enchiladas."

"Wait a minute..." Jimmy can be heard saying in the clip.

"Finally, someone listened to me," he says.

This is the face of a very happy man. Happy Thanksgiving, Jimmy.

You can watch a video of the enchilada surprise here.