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I Went Ahead And Rounded Up 16 Of The Best Thanksgiving Tumblr Posts For You

We'll get through this together.

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1. When you try to prevent awkward conversations before they happen:

annehathawillannehathaway / Via

2. When the awkward conversations happen anyway:

precumming / Via

3. When relatives ask you about your love life:

zacisontumblr / Via

4. When your mom asks you why you aren't playing with your siblings:

theogblackjesus / Via

5. When your S.O. wants to know what you're making for dinner:

thequeenbey / Via

6. When you really can't escape the festivities:

geometricdeathtrap / Via

7. When someone asks if you're hungry:

realitytvgifs / Via

8. When anyone mentions sports:

futsingaround / Via

9. When you need to add something to the conversation:

the-damonator / Via

10. When you have to cut through the bullshit:

youusedtobemyhero / Via

11. When you smile and nod:

taurusqueer / Via

12. When you're done smiling and nodding, and you finally snap:

shortvideosandstuff / Via

13. When you see other people having a good Thanksgiving and your's is shit:

thebestoftumbling / Via

14. When you tell people the real reason you're thankful:

peregrintoolc / Via

15. And finally, when you let your true feelings emerge:

queefybuttcheeks / Via

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