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How To Avoid “Brown Friday” This Thanksgiving, According To A Plumber

Plumbers get 50% more calls on the day after Thanksgiving — aka Brown Friday — than any other day.

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, you're probably stressed enough as is without me telling you about what plumbers call...Brown Friday.

According to Gary Findley, CEO of Waco-based Bluefrog Plumbing and Drain, plumbers get 50% more calls on the day after Thanksgiving — aka Brown Friday. Luckily, he shared a few helpful tips, so you don't have to participate in this rather upsetting unofficial holiday.

1. Turn your garbage disposal on after the water is running, and before you push food through.

2. Throw potato peels and poultry skins in the trash instead of trying to cram them down the garbage disposal.

3. Pour excess grease and oil in the trash before washing a pan.

4. Better yet, scrape all leftover food from plates, pots, and pans into the trashcan or compost bin before rinsing dishes.

5. Ask your guests to leave 10–15 minutes between showers to give the water time to drain.

6. Stick to single-ply toilet paper, especially when you've got a lot of guests who are eating a lot of food.

7. And regardless of what toilet paper you use, keep a plunger nearby to spare your guests from any embarrassment.

Hope everything runs smoothly this year!