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    10 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

    Make your visitors feel comfortable by following some easy steps before their arrival.

    1. Stay in the room they'll be sleeping in, so you can let them know what to expect during their stay.

    2. Buy some earplugs so they can block out sounds they might not be used to.

    3. Leave an extra fan in the room incase it gets hot, or if your guests need some white noise.

    4. Set up night lights in the hallways so they can find their way around when it's dark.

    5. Save your travel-sized toiletries from hotel stays, and set them out in the bathroom just in case they've forgotten anything.

    6. Have a designated set of guest towels and leave them out in an obvious location when they arrive.

    7. Put extra toilet paper under the sink, and make sure there's a plunger in the bathroom they'll be using(!!!).

    8. And if you really want to go the extra mile, leave some magazines and a waterproof bluetooth speaker for some in-bathroom entertainment.

    9. Display the WiFi network and password in a noticeable location so they don't have to awkwardly ask for it.

    10. And finally, set out some fresh flowers to make them feel extra special.

    Now go forth and enjoy hosting your guests!