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15 Tweets That'll Make You Say, "This Is The One Thing I Hate About Thanksgiving!"

AKA: "The everyone wants to know why you're are still single" holiday.

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During my 2 hour car ride home today I practiced answering the questions all my relatives about to ask me on thanks…


Thanksgiving isn't even here and my family is already being rude and asking questions about my love life


I'ma write "single" on my forehead on thanksgiving so I won't have to avoid being asked any more of these "boyfriend" questions


*my family asks me questions about my life during thanksgiving dinner* Me:


Me on thanksgiving when everyone is done eating and they start asking questions about my personal life


I’m so excited to see all the babies in the family on Thanksgiving bc they can’t ask me personal questions


I’m ignoring all college questions at thanksgiving


Me retreating to a quiet room to eat my plate on Thanksgiving to avoid life questions from old people and roasting…


Who wanna pretend to be my boyfriend so I can avoid those awkward questions at thanksgiving


Me at thanksgiving while my family is bombarding me with questions about college/my future


haunted house but instead of ghosts it's racists who ask you the same four questions over and over. oh shit that's thanksgiving.


When you’re at thanksgiving dinner and multiple family members ask you the same questions and you’re just trying to…


First person that asks personal questions at thanksgiving is getting kicked in the shin. Gotta set a strong example…


Me typing up note cards to hand out at Thanksgiving that address all of the same questions I don't feel like answer…


i have two days to get my life together before my family asks me 73937161 questions at thanksgiving

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