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287 Ways To Feel Like You Actually Helped On Thanksgiving, Even If You're Not Hosting

Don't just bring your appetite, people.

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Being a guest at someone's Thanksgiving is great, but you know what's even better? Helping out your host by bringing something!


While some people show up with just their appetite, it's pretty easy to bring something, anything, in addition, whether it's a really tasty side dish, or just a bunch of interesting Thanksgiving facts. We rounded up a bunch of posts with great ideas so that your friends, family, or anyone else who's cooking Thanksgiving for you will think you're the best guest ever.

If you want to bring a gift to thank the person (or people) feeding you...


If you want some fun facts to get the dinner-table conversation started...


If you're dreading a whole meal with your dysfunctional family...


And if you want some delicious, low-key recipes that won't outshine the turkey...