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17 Trivia Quizzes Your Entire Family Will Love

No awkward silences in this house.

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1. If you have friends and family from all over, work together to guess the US accent.

2. Everyone knows a little something about food, right? Well take this food trivia quiz to see who knows the most.

3. Challenge the kids and the adults (or maybe even work together!) in "Can You Pass A Middle School US History Test?"

4. Do you have Disney fans at the table? See if they can identify all of the screencaps in this Disney trivia quiz!

5. See who knows the most about the human body with this anatomy exam.

6. If you want something on the sillier side, try to identify these movies based on the doodle.

7. Team up against the clock to see if you can name every US state in under four minutes.

8. Put those art history buffs to the test by seeing if you can find what's missing from these famous paintings.

9. Go head to head with the rest of the table in this general knowledge trivia quiz.

10. Or heat up the competition a little bit with the hardest trivia quiz you'll ever take.

11. Bond with baby boomers by seeing if they can guess how many avocado toasts it would take to buy a house.

12. Test your grandparents (or anyone really) to see if they can actually pass a 1954 home economics class.

13. Someone at the table has to be a fan of the presidents. See how much they really know in this ultimate presidents facts quiz.

14. Got some math wizards around? Put their smarts to the test with this timed math quiz!

15. Find out if you're spending the day with some secret linguists by seeing how many languages you can identify.

16. Fans of crime and mystery? Grab a teammate and an alibi to try and evade the police in this lie detector quiz.

17. And finally, you can spend the rest of the time arguing about who actually knows how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

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