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24 Easy Holiday Airfryer Recipes That Pretty Much Make Themselves

Keep calm and air fry on.

By now, your Aifryer is probably your favorite kitchen appliance. So why not use it to make the best Thanksgiving dinner ever? Here are some delicious (and easy) recipes to make in your handy Airfryer all through the holiday season.

1. Airfryer Baked Sweet Potatoes

2. Crispy Airfryer Cauliflower

3. Airfryer Turkey Meatballs

5. Airfryer Mac 'n' Cheese Bites

7. Crispy Airfryer Green Beans

9. Airfryer Stuffed Mushrooms

A plate of cheesy stuffed mushrooms.

10. Airfryer Turkey Breast

11. Airfryer Mashed Potato Balls

An air fried potato ball with a gooey, mashed interior.

12. Airfryer Hasselback Potatoes

A hasselback potato topped with sour cream, bacon, herbs, and cheese.

13. Airfryer Glazed Ham

14. Airfryer Roasted Acorn Squash

15. Airfryer Turkey Legs

17. Turkey and Stuffing Airfryer Egg Rolls

18. Airfryer Pumpkin Twists

A wooden serving board topped with pumpkin twists drizzled with frosting.

19. Airfryer Mini Apple Pies

20. Airfryer Maple Pecan Bars

A couple of maple pecan dessert bars.

21. Airfryer Oreos

22. Easiest Airfryer Donuts

23. Airfryer Baked Apples

24. Airfryer Pumpkin Hand Pies