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    Soleil Moon Frye's 9 Favorite DIY Projects For The Whole Family

    As a mom, time with my family is precious. Here's how to spend it being creative together and making lasting memories.

    1. Mason Jar Snow Globes

    Snow globes are a hit in our house. We reuse mason jars and other containers and fill them with glitter and other objects to make a fun magical world inside.

    Under The Sea Glitter Globe:

    Create your very own ocean adventure scenes with our easy, whimsical under-the-sea glitter globe craft. These sparkly blue jars are the perfect place for mermaids to romp and fish to frolic, or even for your little “pirates” to hide their buried treasure!

    What you will need:

    Small “ocean themed” toys

    Hot glue gun

    Mason jars

    Blue or turquoise food coloring




    Step 1: Using the hot glue gun, apply a layer of glue to the bottom of each toy you want to use. Apply toys to the bottom of the jar and press firmly. Allow to dry.

    Step 2: Add water, a drop of food coloring and glitter.

    Step 3: Add one to two drops of glycerin and stir.

    Step 4: Replace lid tightly, and shake gently to watch glitter fall around your ocean scene!

    2. Rubber Stamped Craft Paper

    Used as gift wrap, it's a great personal touch for birthdays and holidays.

    3. Personalized Place Cards

    The girls enjoy making place cards for family dinners with stickers and lot of glitter; they're super cute!

    4. Garden Tic Tac Toe

    We love painting anything, from pillowcases to rocks to things we find around our home.

    Garden Tic Tac Toe DIY:

    My family loves going on adventure walks and scavenger hunts in our neighborhood. One one of our latest journeys my girls found some smooth, beautiful stones and we knew we had to put them to use in a craft! This garden tic-tac-toe craft is super easy but can be enjoyed for years to come. And who doesn't love a good old-fashioned game of tic-tac-toe?

    What you will need:

    Acrylic paint in two colors (one for Xs and one for Os)

    Several medium-sized rocks or stones

    9 slate tiles (you can find these at local hardware or home and garden stores)



    Step 1: Paint Xs on half of your rocks with one paint color.

    Step 2: Paint Os on the other half using the other color.

    Step 3: Allow to dry.

    Step 4: Arrange your 9 tiles in a grid and challenge your friends or family to the very first game!

    5. Taste Tests

    Surprise each other with lots of different tastes!

    6. Flower Arrangements

    We love to use fresh flowers, and often use mason jars as vases.

    7. Decorating Sweets

    Sprinkles and icing make home-baked treats extra special.

    8. Fairy Houses

    My girls love to go on fairy hunts and scavenger hunts!

    9. Treasure Boxes

    They're perfect for keeping our favorite mementos in or to give as gifts.

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