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November 12, 2013

10 Wars To Watch (And That The Media Ignore)

Here are 10 ongoing conflicts to keep your eye on when it comes to sexualized violence against women from WMC's Women Under Siege—whether the nightly news is covering them or not. (And while we’re at it, media, here’s your cheat sheet.) In no particular order...

Behind The Scenes Of The Most Heartwarming Christmas Ad Of The Year

The John Lewis Retail ad was a beautiful animated production that probably made you cry, but the way it was made makes it even more special.

Young Patrick Stewart In Nothing But A Loincloth And Abs

Shakespeare is sexy. The photo — uncovered by Tor — is from Stewart's run as Oberon in the 1977 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Las 15 mejores frases de Moria Casán contadas por gatitos

Luego de proclamarse como "ajedrecista de la dialéctica", la multifacética Moria Casán nos ha regalado un sinfín de frases que pueden ser usadas en cualquier contexto. Acá les dejamos una compilación de sus mejores dichos. Usen y abusen.

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