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    23 Tattoos For Coffee Lovers

    Because the nectar of the gods deserves a permanent place on your body. (And being hooked up 24/7 to an espresso IV seems kind of dangerous.)

    1. Hey, brand loyalty is a powerful emotion.

    2. Because Death Before Decaf is pretty much a religion.



    5. Behold, the most important dino to ever roam planet Earth: the elusive coffeesaurus.

    6. For the Twin Peaks fan:

    7. Simple and chic.

    8. For the undercover addict: the chemical compound for caffeine.

    Yuefeng D / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ydeng

    9. Coffee + punk rock = yes.



    12. For the coffee/horticulture enthusiast.

    13. For the sophisticated coffee drinker.

    14. For the Francophile:


    (And the apostrophe averse.)

    15. <3

    16. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    17. Pack a powerful (aka adorable) punch:

    18. For the T. S. Eliot fan or jaded barista:

    19. The cutest memorial tattoo in the world:

    20. Oooh. Fancy.

    Lay-Luh / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: macchiato1

    21. I Coffee NY knuckle tattoo > I <3 NY T-shirt.

    22. Basically, if you've bean meaning to get a coffee tattoo...

    23. Don't be afraid to...espress yourself.


    (OK sorry bye!)

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