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    Your DIY Guide To Surviving The Holidays With Family

    You love them, you can't stand them, you're obligated to spend the holidays with them – here are a few crafty ways to help you make it through in one piece.

    Fake (or exaggerate) a relationship.

    Kollabora / Via

    "Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am dating a very nice boy! And he's a lawyer. And I'm knitting this tie for him right now..."

    Don't let your phone and earbuds out of your sight.

    Rebecca Mae Designs / Via

    Put 'em in a cute little carrying case and keep them by your side at all times. You never know when someone is going to start a trip down memory lane, and those can only go one of two ways: crying or yelling.

    Shock them with your new *tattoos*.

    Kollabora / Via

    "Oh, what's this? Just something I picked up while I was couch surfing in Amsterdam last spring." And better yet, when it washes off later, you can blame the whole thing on grandma's memory.

    Keep the booze close.

    Vivid Please / Via

    Like, real close. You're never going to read that hardcover copy of Lean In anyway, so why not put it to good use and make a carved-out stash box to hide the contraband?

    Write about your feelings...or something.

    Kollabora / Via

    Sure, you moved out five years ago, but that doesn't mean your mom's questions about where you're going, who's going to be there, and what time you'll be home have stopped. Don't want to start a fight? Write it down. Better yet, write it down in a beautiful journal you stitched yourself. See, better already!

    Keep your e-reader handy.

    Creme de la Craft / Via

    And keep it close-at-hand in a protective tablet cover. You never know when you'll suddenly need to look reallllllly engaged in a book to avoid your dad's questions about that college loan...

    Hang out with the kids.

    Kollabora / Via

    Your little cousins don't know the difference between a medical degree and an English major. Get their attention (and adoration) by bribing them with a pouch of candy stashed in your pocket, and then happily laugh to yourself when you watch their parents try to put them to bed later.

    Fake an injury.

    Need a moment to yourself? Skip the tired "headache" excuse. A few drops of fake blood should buy you at least 30 minutes in a locked bathroom.

    Avoid them.

    When all else fails, hide in your room. Go for a walk. Steal the car and go for a joy ride. And make sure to let them know you're otherwise occupied – that's what homemade chalkboards are for.