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    20 Reasons Haley Is The Sparkliest Person Ever

    Happy Birthday

    1. Because she is the babiest babe to ever exist

    or maybe tied for first with Faith

    2. She knows how to ride a walrus like a pro

    Even that little kid on the side is impressed

    3. And can even outshine Tswift

    4. She is not afraid to wear a queen crown in public.

    5. Because, duh.

    6. She loves America

    And looks damn good while doing it.

    7. And she knows the importance of iced tea.

    Which is an important part of being patriotic. Trust me.

    8. She has a pretty cool family

    9. And has been the ultimate accessorizer since the begninning of time.

    Binocular necklaces are very fashion forward.

    10. She is a total badass at work.

    11. She understands the importance of Dairy Queen.

    12. And invented the most important drink of our generation.


    13. And is always the best drinking buddy.

    14. She taught me the importance of the skinny arm.

    15. She is an awesome sister

    16. She uses the word haggard to describe her DIY projects.

    17. And is the QUEEN of Haleyisms

    18. She is always there to cuddle on the couch or go on an epic adventure with you.

    19. Or help you count the number of Thanksgiving sandwiches you have eaten

    20. Most importantly, she knows how to get express delivery from this guy.