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17 Ways Star Wars Is Basically Erotica Out Of Context

Childhood ruined.

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1. Literally a scene playing out in bedrooms across the world right now.

2. Don't worry Yoda, we've all had that moment of vertigo during reverse cowgirl.

3. Ewoks suck at a lot of things and that's not always an insult apparently.

4. Leia, you judgmental bitch.

5. [muffled strip tease music plays in the distance]

6. "Hey pretty lady, you get abducted here often?"

7. The disappointment when the saber doesn't live up to the hilt.

8. Boba Fett works hard and plays hard.

9. Jesus Lando, Han knows where the prostate is. Give him a minute.

10. Hahaha, Yoda is really riding Luke hard.

11. I doubt the ladies mind, Han.

12. Man humans look stupid mid-climax.

13. Oh Vader don't be silly. Once a sub, always a sub.

14. See? Even your kid knows.

15. Droids need love too.

16. Yeah, that's the spot.

17. We'll leave you with the knowledge R2 always walked behind to check out dat ass.

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