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20 Delicious Sea Monsters Eaten In Asia

There's more to seafood than tuna and salmon.

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2. Triggerfish

Tastes like: a fish that bench-presses 300 pounds.

In Chinese, they're called "flayer's fish" — peeling its rough and stony skin is a chore, but the firm and sweet meat makes it worth it. Eaten in all forms around the Pacific Rim.


3. Miscellaneous Whelks and Sea Snails

Tastes like: savory rubber bands with a dollop of chalky innards.

I bought bagfuls of these at movie theater concession stands the way you'd buy popcorn. Dig the flesh out with a toothpick, or suck it out of the hole. Great in a spicy wine broth.

5. Giant Clam

Tastes like: between clam and octopus.

Warning: Giant clam is ecologically threatened in many parts of the Pacific, so make sure it's sourced responsibly. Otherwise, it is (or was) a staple in Filipino and Polynesian cuisine.


20. Hagfish

Tastes: very chewy.

Only eaten in Korea, and often found waggling in the frayed corpses of whales and sharks on the ocean floor. When threatened, a single hagfish can release enzymes and turn a barrel of water into pure slime. When grilled, it reportedly tastes mild and chewy.

And a (surprisingly catchy) song to sum it all up

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(Seriously, though, red frog crab is the best.)


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