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23 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Food

There may never be one right way, but there will always be a lot of wrong ways.

1. Whoever chomped this stick of butter:

I'm sure the wolf pack that raised you was great, but around here we have RULES.

2. Any monster who would build a burrito like this:

3. The helpful friend who peeled "half" of the potatoes:

That's a technicality and you know it.

4. This girl:

5. Whoever was in charge of this project:

A little to the left, bud.

6. The monster who made this cake:

7. Whoever set up this store display:

You have been sorely misled, sir.

8. And this one:

I can't put my finger on why, but something about this doesn't feel right...

9. Annnnd this one:

That'll clean ya right out!

10. Everyone from every infomercial, ever:

11. The person who did this:

Well, on second thought, that seems correct.

12. This turtle:


Dude, it's not gonna happen.

13. This person who forgot how to banana:

14. Whoever thought microwaved cheese and bacon bits would make a great snack:


15. This confused individual:

16. The person who made these pancakes:

17. This baby who lost his battle with lunch:


You're aiming for below the eyes, honey.

18. This microwave baker:

Nailed it.

19. This cook who couldn't believe no one had made "chocolate pasta" before:

...for a reason.

20. The dinner guest who brought this "fancy" dessert:

Points for sheer sass.

21. The person who made sure this school cafeteria offered balanced options:


22. This misguided individual:

23. This kid: