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February 24, 2011

We Are Wisconsin

Filmmaker Finn Ryan interviews people outside the Wisconsin Capitol.

Air Traffic Control Marriage Proposal

This happened kind of a while back, but it's super cute. Matt says I am sappy for posting it, but he is a heartless robot who doesn't know anything about real love between Canadian people. (Via.)

Westboro Down

The ongoing publicity stunt-off between the Westboro Baptist Church and everybody's favorite self-righteous hackers, Anonymous, has culminated the way these things always culminate - in a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. Long story short, the WBC's site is down. A "Patriot hacker" named Jester has taken credit. Isn't the Internet fun?

A Guide To Gingers

A convenient chart by Ben Douglass illustrating the taxonomy of red heads. Also convenient for the next ginger roundup. They will go to special camps where they can no longer hurt anyone.

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