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    Bizarre Nutmobile Photobombs

    The Planters’ Nutmobile truck made its red carpet debut last night at the Go Green Oscar pre-party. Where else has the Planters’ Nutmobile been making appearances? Just look closely and you can find it hidden in the most unusual places. Where will this awesome nut turn up next? You decide! Use our overlay tool to add your own bizarre Nutmobile sightings.

    • 1. Hidden In The Arcade Fire's Grammy Awards

    • 2. At The Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show

    • 3. On An Episode Of 'I Used To Be Fat'

    • 4. In A Scene From The Movie 'Just Go With It'

    • 5. In The Middle Of Kelsey Grammer's Love Life

    • 6. On Kim Kardashian's Ice Cream Cone

    • 7. Dangling From Lindsay Lohan's "Borrowed" Necklace

    • 8. Hanging Out In The Facebook Offices

    • 9. Front And Center In Snooki's Poof

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