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Westboro Baptist Church


Louis Theroux Returns To The Westboro Baptist Church

Earlier this month, British documentarian Louis Theroux publicized the results of his second trip to the Westboro Baptist Church to see how the Phelps family and their fellow cult members have changed over the past few years. In four parts, this honest look inside the WBC is often frustrating and sometimes quite poignant. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already.


Westboro Down

The ongoing publicity stunt-off between the Westboro Baptist Church and everybody's favorite self-righteous hackers, Anonymous, has culminated the way these things always culminate - in a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. Long story short, the WBC's site is down. A "Patriot hacker" named Jester has taken credit. Isn't the Internet fun?


Westboro Baptist Church Gets Tires Slashed, Locals Refuse To Perform Repairs

Shortly after protesting the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey in Oklahoma, members of the Westboro Baptist Church headed back to their minivan, only to discover that its front and rear passenger-side tires had been slashed. To make matters worse, when they drove into town they were unable to find anyone who would repair it.

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