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February 17, 2011

Mario's Private Time

Artist Aled Lewis illustrates Mario's shame. He was in a hurry. There was a Koopa Troopa head poking out, if you know what I mean (you don't want to know what I mean).

Alternate Reality Movie Posters

Artist Sean Hartter conjured up these Bizarro World film posters, done in the style of '70s b-movies, featuring his ideal casts and directors. I'd give anything to see Jodorowsky's take on "Star Wars."

'The Dark Knight Rises' Fan Posters

A slew of amateur art from eager bat-fans who can't wait until the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Some of these were made before any official announcements regarding the film, so you have a few featuring villains who won't be in the film (Harley Quinn and The Riddler) and a few with villains who are still rumored to be in the film (Hugo Strange and Black Mask). For the record, only Bane and Catwoman have been confirmed.

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