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February 22, 2011

A Collection Of The Best Hipster Disney Memes

Ugh, hipster Disney memes are soooo mainstream now. I don't know if I can even laugh at them ironically anymore! Pretty soon DreamWorks is going to slap on some Raybans and act all pretentious! Psssh, poseurs.

First Look At The RoboCop Statue

An early look at the RoboCop statue, funded with $50,000 raised through the Kickstarter page Detroit Needs A RoboCop Statue. This preview is just a bust, but the finished product will be a life size, full-bodied Robo. Let the debate begin about whether or not $50,000 could be spent more wisely. More info about the statue over at io9 .

Classic Nintendo Deaths

Artist Dash Coleman illustrates a bunch of prominent Nintendo characters shuffling off their 8-bit coil. Sad but cute. Scute.

10 Astounding Book Carvings

St. Louis-based artist Julia Feld uses only knives, tweezers, and scissors to transform ordinary books into extraordinary pieces of art. Here's just a few examples from her Tumblr.

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