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February 23, 2011

Scumbag Hat

Looks like it wasn't Steve's fault he was a scumbag! It's the hat. The hat is evil.

Governor Of Wisconsin Gets Prank Called

Scott Walker, the anti-union governor of Wisconsin leading the charge to eliminate collective bargaining, just got prank called by political blog The Buffalo Beast. The Beast posed as billionaire oil man David Koch, a major funder of the Tea Party and hard line conservative, and got Walker to say some revealing things about the current standoff in Wisconsin.

Teddy Roosevelt Vs. Bigfoot

Artist Jason Heuser brings us what could be the greatest clash of American titans ever imagined. Speak softly and carry a big ass machine gun. Also, Abraham Lincoln riding a grizzly bear. God bless America.

Snooki In Wonderland

A new book by Phil Edwards and John Tenniel that totally improves upon Lewis Carroll's classic by inserting the cast from Jersey Shore. Through the Snooking Glass.

Timmy Sings "Hold It Against Me"

Timmy delivers another stellar performance.

West Wars

Aren't you a little short for gunslingers? Artist Sillof takes our favorite Star Wars characters and gives them a western makeover.

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