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    19 British Foods That Confuse The Rest Of The World

    Puddings aren't puddings and tea isn't tea.

    1. Digestive biscuits

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    People from other countries wonder, "Do digestive biscuits have something to do with bowels and digestion?" Well, obviously you digest them. But look, successfully dunking them in tea is a skill we are very proud of. You probably speak two or more languages, we dunk digestives.

    2. Haggis

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    It's a bit like sausage, but stronger. But not as strong as black pudding. It should be eaten with neeps and tatties, and it's delicious.

    If you're visiting Scotland, be sure to try and spot a haggis in the wild:

    Twitter: @TheFoodSnobUK

    They're quite rare due to being so delicious.

    3. Spotted dick

    4. Ginsters products

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    Ginsters is classic regional British food, the region being British petrol stations. You can get Ginsters pasties, sandwiches, and pork pies in every garage in the land. Here is non-British person Jurgen Klopp looking politely confused about being handed a giant Ginsters.

    5. Greggs sausage roll

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    This national delicacy is so sought after it caused a stampede in Coventry in 2011 (it didn't but it could have done). British people usually eat four Greggs sausage rolls in one sitting. Here is a picture of a Greggs "birthday cake".

    Bonus fact: "Gregg" invented his famous sausage rolls in Ye Olde Englande way back in the 1600s, and one is even depicted in this baroque painting.

    Giovanna Garzoni / Twitter: @GiantRatSumatra

    It's got two flies on it though.

    6. Chips and gravy / chips and curry sauce

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    We prefer our chips to be fully submerged in something wet and salty before we eat them. The Canadians are also on to this.

    7. Colin the Caterpillar Cake

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    It was decreed that all citizens shall receive a Colin the Caterpillar cake upon the occasion of the day of their birth, a tradition that is honoured and upheld by every British person to this day.

    Literally every single British person:

    Every single one:

    8. 99 Flake ice creams

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    The confusing thing is that they don't cost 99p. It's a reference to the Italian king having a special guard of 99 soliders, so like anything special should be called "99". Except the only thing it stuck to was this British ice cream.

    9. Pickled eggs

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    They sit on the bar in pubs and no one actually buys one, they're just there to add a reassuring old-fashioned British vibe to the pub.

    10. Irn-Bru

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    It's orange, but it kind of tastes of bubblegum, and it's got something to do with weightlifters and making you as strong as "Irn" which is how the British spell iron.

    11. Lucozade

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    This is what British people drink when they are ill or hungover. It's scientifically proven (by mums) to cure any ailment.

    12. Freddos

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    So much more than a chocolate bar. The price of a Freddo is how we determine the health of our economy. Basically they used to be 10p, and now – well, look at the state of them.

    13. Space Raiders

    Twitter: @thespasaltaire

    Space Raiders have a place in our hearts for the opposite reason to Freddos because they always cost just 20p. Every time you see a packet it's like time travelling back to a more innocent time and it's glorious.

    14. Drumstick lollies

    Twitter: @aston1970ap

    The nation's greatest lolly. Has a really distinctive but hard-to-identify flavour. You have to try them.

    "Drumstick lolly" is also the colour that white British people go in the sun:

    Watching Drumstick lollies being made is the best thing you could do with your day:

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    15. Proper brew

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    This isn't just a cup of tea. It's not a tea party, with fancy china and cucumber sandwiches. This is a piping hot, mid-brown brew in a quite ugly piece of crockery known as "my cup", and it's the national drink.

    16. Tea

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    This is a proper tea.

    17. Pudding

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    A fleshy-looking savoury snack sold in Northern chip shops. Called a pudding, but full of meat instead of chocolate. See also Yorkshire pudding, which comes served with beef and gravy.

    18. Black pudding

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    It's that black thing on the plate. It's a sausage made of blood. 😢

    19. Angel Delight

    Twitter: @nels3

    Actually a pudding and also the taste of British childhood.