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    19 British Foods That Confuse The Rest Of The World

    Puddings aren't puddings and tea isn't tea.

    1. Digestive biscuits

    2. Haggis

    If you're visiting Scotland, be sure to try and spot a haggis in the wild:

    3. Spotted dick

    4. Ginsters products

    5. Greggs sausage roll

    Bonus fact: "Gregg" invented his famous sausage rolls in Ye Olde Englande way back in the 1600s, and one is even depicted in this baroque painting.

    6. Chips and gravy / chips and curry sauce

    7. Colin the Caterpillar Cake

    Literally every single British person:

    Every single one:

    8. 99 Flake ice creams

    9. Pickled eggs

    10. Irn-Bru

    11. Lucozade

    12. Freddos

    13. Space Raiders

    14. Drumstick lollies

    "Drumstick lolly" is also the colour that white British people go in the sun:

    Watching Drumstick lollies being made is the best thing you could do with your day:

    Facebook: video.php

    15. Proper brew

    16. Tea

    17. Pudding

    18. Black pudding

    19. Angel Delight