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35 Of The Best Backpacks You Can Get On Amazon

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin.

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1. Elevate an old ensemble with a faux-leather backpack with vintage appeal.

Promising review: "I can fit my 15-inch laptop, which is the main reason I bought it, and there is still a little extra room for my binder or book and small things. The zipper does not close because my laptop sticks out, but I am still able to close it with the buttons that are on the buckle part. Overall, it did meet my expectations." —Natt

Price: $28.90+ // Rating: 4.3/5 // Colors: three

2. Make storage a snap with this foldable, waterproof backpack that transforms into a tiny pouch.

Promising review: "I needed a packable, waterproof backpack for my trip to Brazil and this was perfect! I wore it while hiking through the jungle in Iguazu Falls, where weather was unpredictable, and it kept all my belongings dry. At one point, I was able to fit a change of clothes, sunscreen, towel, and a bunch of other items. I liked the smaller pockets for items that needed to be easily accessible. It didn't take up any room in my luggage. I also used it later in my trip as an extra bag for souvenirs!" — LindsayNK9

Price: $16.82+ // Rating: 4.7/5 // Colors: nine colors

3. Rep your favorite member of the animal kingdom with these equally adorable and fierce packs.

Promising review: "The main large compartment is spacious enough to easily put in a laptop, folders, books, snowsuit, or items for show 'n tell and still have room left over. The small pocket in the front has slots for pens, pencils, and a calculator. The graphic on the bag is printed on felt, and is very detailed and clear. One feature I was not expecting is that if you set it down on its bottom, it stays upright and doesn't fall over. This is handy so the felt material won't land on the ground and get dirty." —CardinalCandy

Price: $28.99+ // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: alpaca, cat, dinosaur, dolphin, eagle, horse, leopard A, leopard B, lion, panda, rhinoceros, shark, Tiger A, Tiger B, and Tiger C.

4. File it all away in this slim-profile laptop pack that only looks expensive.

Promising review: "My only dislike is that it is hard to get items in and out of the front zip pouch because of the way the pocket is designed. But other than that, it is a great, nice looking bag. I carry a laptop, binder, notebook, and several file folders in it daily. It is sleek and professional, and the fabric is nice. It's more like a briefcase with back-pack straps. I don't feel odd carrying this backpack while wearing a suit." —Melanie

Price: $33.99+ // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: 22

5. Bring this versatile, flight-approved backpack on all your adventures.

Promising review: "I'm packing for my trip to Europe, and this will be my only luggage. I'm very impressed by how much I can fit! Plus, there are straps outside the bag over the main zipper, which makes the bag flatter and more secure." —Nadezda

Price: $64.99 // Rating: 4.4/5 // Colors: three colors

6. Get your adventure on in a lightweight pack stuffed with handy pockets and compartments.

Promising review: "I wanted something that I could wear all weekend to carry snacks and drinks to save money. I wore this backpack for two days 12 hours each day and it was comfortable and not bothersome at all. I was surprised by how breathable it was to wear, as I am in Florida and the heat is ridiculous here. I carried around four bottles of water, multiple snacks, both my husband and my wallets, a small umbrella, and various other things." —shay7187

Price: $16.79+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: nine colors

7. Pack up your whole life in this hyper-organized SwissGear sack.

Promising review: "Love that the TSA-approved bag allows me to keep my laptop in my bag when going through security. Just unzip, unfold exposing the laptop for the X-ray machine.... Make sure your power cord is not with the laptop." —Amazon Customer

Price: $49.99+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: four color combos

8. Gallivant around far-flung destinations with this canvas backpack that has a zillion discreet pockets for important stuff like your passport and breath mints.

Promising review: "It's extremely well-made and sturdy, and it has a ton of pockets, which is nice. It's huge though, which is good because you can fit a lot inside. However I'm 5'2" and I look a little ridiculous when I wear it because it's so big! I bought this to use as a travel backpack/laptop bag/overnight bag and it works great for all of those. I have a standard-sized laptop and it fits with plenty of room to spare." —EEE

Price: $34.90+ // Rating: 4.4/5 // Colors: three colors

9. Let your personality shine with a classic Jansport in any color or pattern under the moon.

Promising review: "I bought it to take with me on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. It spent the whole day with me at the aquarium and through the park. Now I bring it to work every single day. Cute colors, comfortable, good quality. You can't go wrong if you're looking for a good backpack!" —Sophia Nelson

Price: $27+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: variety of colors and patterns

10. Take care of business on the go with a built-in charger pack that has ample room for your laptop.,

Promising review: "Great backpack for travel. I can comfortably fit my 15" laptop, water bottle, small pair of flat shoes, a course reader, and a bunch of other little things (agenda, iPad, journal, pens and pencils, iPhone). Really an awesome backpack that looks professional, and clean, and holds a LOT. I use it for my frequent travel (airplane) and it fits perfectly under the seat." --Amazon Customer

Price: $28.99+ // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: five colors

11. Stand out with this neon-accented accessory.

Promising review: "I walk to work and needed a bag that would fit my gym clothes, shoes, lunch, and whatever else I needed to haul in that day. This bag is way roomier then it looks and fits everything with ease. Multiple pockets for easy organization." —Samantha

Price: $54.99+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: 16 color combos

12. Keep it simple with this classic backpack in a variety of colors.

Promising review: "After years of frustrating experiences with other backpacks, I've finally found the perfect alternative in this basic and simple one. It has the size, shape, look, and quality of a JanSport backpack for almost $20 less...and is way better in that it has pockets for notebooks, writing utensils, and even a laptop sleeve inside, along with a side compartment for water." —Ricardo A

Price: $16.82 // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: seven colors

13. Throw all your essentials in this cute, striped backpack.

Promising review: "I'm a college student in NC and I've definitely got the most stylish backpack on campus right now. I love black and white stripes, so this is perfectly my style." —Tiffany

Price: $26.99+ // Rating: 4.7/5 // Colors: eight colors and patterns

14. Feel OK about lugging around your laptop with a dedicated compartment in this tech-y High Sierra pack.

Promising review: "I take this backpack everywhere, (hiking, vacations, etc.), and love it! It has great storage and is nice to take on flights. It fits perfectly under the seat." —SullyDogs

Price: $32.96+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: 32 color combos and patterns

15. Run errands with this polka-dot pack that's so cute you'll wanna carry it around empty.,

Promising review: "I was intending to give this to my daughter, but decided to keep it for myself because it fits my style, the straps do not dig into my shoulders, and it is very comfortable to wear. I can see myself using this when I travel." —JAH

Price: $24.98+ // Rating: 4.4/5 // Colors: six colors

16. Strap on everything AND the kitchen sink with this Oakley pack that has every pocket, strap, and compartment ever.

Promising review: "Good lordy I love this bag. Just made a trip over the weekend to Cincinnati and this thing was awesome. It's got everything you could ever imagine, and the best part is the portion for the glasses in the top. On the airplane, eventually the light was low enough that my glasses with new lenses needed to go to bed, so I was able to put them into the glasses case at the top of the bag and boom, they were safe. It's padded and soft inside there, too." —J. B.

Price: $147.88+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: three color combos

17. Pick up some serious speed with this racing pack.

Promising review: "Love this bag. It's probably slightly smaller than a standard school backpack but doesn't look too small when wearing. I actually bought for my 6-year-old son and it's slightly big, but doesn't look too big on him, but the straps are wide. He says it's comfortable and loves it. Quality, heavy duty materials." —BB

Price: $35.43 // Rating: 4.6/5

18. File all your equipment away safely in this camera bag/backpack.

Promising review: "At first glance I was skeptical that this backpack would carry what I needed it to. Then I started to move around the foam dividers in the main compartment, and within a few minutes I could fit in my SLR with a mounted 55-200mm lens, an 18-70mm lens, a speedlight flash, and camera manual. In the top pocket and accessory pockets: card reader, camera battery charger, 8-AA batteries for the flash. With some thought I was even able to secure a full size tripod on the back with the tie down cord The backpack sling mount is very comfortable. I like that it has metal, not plastic, hardware." --swiffish

Price: $29.99+ // Rating: 4.4/5 // Colors: five colors, types

19. Make the rounds in a sharp, water-resistant Vaschy pack.

Promising review: "It is very convenient to carry, and the shoulder is comfortable. It has a padded laptop insert inside the backpack, fits my 17" laptop perfectly, and the main bag also could hold on 18'' laptop. I use it as a day/life backpack, as well as hiking." —Jenny

Price: $36.99+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: five colors

20. Squeeze in your laptop, notebooks, and more in this printed, padded backpack.

Promising review: "With two young kids, I use this as a purse/diaper bag and it's great. The very front for my wallet, mesh sides for water bottle and phone, smaller pocket for Kleenex, pens, Chapstick, etc., and biggest main pocket for diapers, extra clothes, snacks, and blanket. The laptop section is a nice divider in the biggest section. It's not a fashionable purse, ha! But it's nice-looking and super convenient. I recommended it to my mom for international travel and she loved it, too." —Julie T

Price: $23.97+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: 12 colors and patterns

21. Lengthen your camping or hiking trip with this expandable pack.

Promising review: "It's exactly as pictured. The removable waist belt that is held in place with Velcro won't slide around. The two little pouches on the shoulder straps are held stable with Velcro, also. The sternum strap has room to adjust, as well." —Ruth Elgers

Price: $35.99+ // Rating: 4.7/5 // Colors: 12 colors and patterns

22. Hark back to the 90s with this clear backpack that's fit to hold all you're OK with the world eyeing.

Promising review: "I use this backpack to take into the prison system. Others have complained about the zippers on their backpacks breaking or wearing out - well, this is one tough backpack, and the zippers are substantial as well." —GM

Price: $24.98+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: six colors

23. Equip yourself for your next outdoor adventure with this Treton internal-frame backpack that comes with a rain cover.

Promising review: "A perfect sized and fully adjustable backpack. Incredible for the price, I've used it for several pack trips now and the pack has held up very well, held all that I needed. There are plenty of side pockets, separate sleeping bag compartment and organizer areas on the top, as well as places to strap extras onto the pack exterior. Padded and adjustable, the pack is comfortable and lightweight." —trav s

Price: $57.32+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: three colors

24. Carry all your bevs with this vibrant backpack outfitted with not one, but two(!) bottle holders.

Promising review: "My teen daughter loves this backpack. It fits her water bottles on the side very well. Most other backpacks do not have deep pockets on the side like this one. It is very sturdy and well made." —Nicole C Mounts

Price: $44.99+ // Rating: 4.4/5 // Colors: nine colors and patterns

25. Go from school to a weekend trip with this sturdy The North Face pack.

Promising review: "Extremely comfortable and very well made. This bag is perfect for work, school. Laptop compartment fits my 15" MacBook Pro like a glove. Zippers are very durable and haven't gotten caught on me yet. Only problem I have with this bag is the depth of the side pockets. My water bottle has fallen out once or twice. Other than that, it's the best-looking bag I have ever owned." —Tyler

Price: $61.14+ // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: 17 colors

26. Cover your various bring-along needs with this glitzy backpack set that includes a shoulder bag and pencil case.

Promising review: "With school right around the corner, I found this awesome backpack for my daughter. I didn't see anything that interested her, so we bought this one and it's already loaded with her school supplies ready to go back. The straps were easy to adjust and it fits her perfectly." —Allene Preslar

Price: $29.99 // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: three colors

27. Play it slightly smaller with this mini backpack that comes in a rainbow of colors.

Promising review: "I am a 5' lady in her 70s. Love the backpack and will use it daily. I like the light-colored interior and zippered pocket against my back for a safe place. It is a tad wide for my shoulders and when tightened the buckles tend to be in my armpits, but I may take it to a shoe repair person to fix that. The wine color is pretty. It is comparable to a $70 one I bought from a department store." —Robert G. Bobbitt

Price: $20.99+ // Rating: 4.8/5 // Colors: 13 colors

28. Maintain your personal brand while carrying a bunch of stuff with this sleek, stylish pack.

Promising review: "I used this backpack to travel overseas. It has a huge amount of room inside -- enough for a travel pillow, blanket, and simple toiletries, and also mesh pouches big enough to hold a bottle of water. This is a comfortable bag to wear on your shoulders because the straps are wide. The fact that this bag has held up so well after I was so rough with it is impressive! It looks nice, simple, and a lot more expensive than it was." —K.

Price: $25.90 // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: two

29. Pretend you're in fields of flowers with this canvas floral tote.

Promising review: "My 10-year-old niece needed a back-to-school backpack and this is what we sent her. She wanted a more adult-looking bag like the one her grandmother has. She seems really happy with her new bag and the price was not outrageous." —Harper Kingsley

Price: $15.90+ // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: also available in polka dot

30. Organize your whole life in this mesh Adidas backpack.

Promising review: "We have purchased a lot of mesh book bags, only to have them fall apart after a short period of time. We picked one up for our child and it has been working great with no wear or tear. It is durable and the mesh is stronger than other book bags. It also has pockets and a front clip hanging area for extra stuff. It is a great bag for school." —Adam

Price: $39.57 // Rating: 4.6/5 // Colors: four color combos

31. Sling this chic zippered pack over your shoulder for when you can't be bothered with a regular purse.

Promising review: "I should start by saying that I live in a big city so I walk a ton. I hate carrying purses or any type of heavy bag because they're super inconvenient on a 85-degree day. The only downfall is it is too small to zip completely over my laptop. It zips all but two inches. I've been using this for about a month and so far no hardware has broken." —Ashley T.

Price: $27.99+ // Rating: 4.2/5 // Colors: seven colors

32. Streamline your gym gear with this simple Nike bag.

Promising review: "Perfect spot for everything and lots of vented slots for wet winter gear. Now I've just ordered a third for my husband's gear. We're in the Northwest where gear ends up wet often. Everyone knows if it gets put away wet it will smell like death. Everything is very well vented so no worries if the kids toss the shoes in the pack wet, and the exterior ball net is perfect." —tombi

Price: $42+ // Rating: 4.5/5 // Colors: five colors

33. Tuck you laptop -- and every other thing you could possibly need for class -- in this hyper-organized floral pack.

Promising review: "This was exactly what I needed, a sturdy, large backpack to hold all of my stuff. I have a five-subject notebook, two folders, a Chromebook, chargers, a hairbrush, a water bottle, and little essential items in mine! Love all of the pockets and the design looks great." —ANL

Price: $31.99 // Rating: 4.6/5

34. And tote along this printed roller bag for when you need the best of both worlds.

Promising review: "Great rolling book bag. My teenage boy went through two bookbags in just a couple of weeks, but this book bag has not shown any wear after months of use. Lots of room and pockets for supplies." —Ronnie Turner

Price: $52.79+ // Rating: 4/5 // Colors: 32 colors and patterns

35. Let everyone know your gaming system affiliation with this retro NES controller pack.

Promising review: "I used this for business travel on a few trips and it holds up well with a lot of space inside. It held my laptop, bluetooth keyboard/mouse, cords, and other stuff without any issues. It even has an outer pocket where I kept my badge and power cords. If you're a fan of NES and don't mind being stopped every five minutes to answer questions about your level of awesome...then get this now!" —Da'Mon - The World's Worst Rapper // Magician // Tech Vlogger // Gamer

Price: $42.70 // Rating: 4.6/5

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