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    29 Mind-Blowing Things You Probably Didn't Know About McDonald's

    You guys, Grimace was originally evil and had FOUR ARMS.

    1. McDonald's original menu item staple was HOT DOGS not hamburgers! Weird, right?

    2. There are more McDonald's in the US than (gulp) hospitals. But there are more libraries in the US than McDonald's so go grab a book, people.

    3. McNuggets are available in four distinct shapes: bell, boot, ball, and bone. They're given their specific ~lewk~ by being pressed out of a cookie cutter, and are shaped similarly in order to make sure that they'll all cook the same.

    4. The fast-food giant sells around 75 hamburgers PER SECOND. Per second, ya'll.

    5. That super-catchy, mega-annoying "I'm Lovin' It" jingle was written by Pharrell and recorded by Justin Timberlake.

    6. In case you were wondering, you can get married at McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong. For $1,200 you'll get invites, balloon wedding rings (whatever those are), a bridal bouquet, and your very own emcee for the day.

    7. More people recognize the McDonald's logo than the cross, according to a 1995 survey of 7,000 people in six countries. That's...really something.

    8. The cult fave McRib sandwich has more than 70 ingredients, but it's mainly made of tripe, heart, and scalded stomach.

    9. The company came up with the McRib after it sold so many McNuggets that it caused an actual poultry shortage in the US.

    10. And it invented the Filet-O-Fish after a franchise owner in a super Catholic town in Ohio realized that a lot of people gave up hamburgers for Lent. McDonald's founder Ray Kroc initially wanted to replace the hamburger with a Hula Burger — a piece of pineapple covered with cheese — instead. EW.

    11. Maybe one of the weirdest McDonald's is the floating McDonald's McBARGE in Vancouver. It was built for the 1986 Expo and then lay decommissioned for several decades. The barge was refurbished in 2016 but sadly it probably won't be revived as a McDonald's.

    12. The brand launched its first drive-thru in 1975 somewhat out of necessity. Its Sierra Vista, Arizona, location was near a military base, and soldiers weren't permitted to leave their cars while wearing fatigues, so the company decided to bring the food to them in their cars instead.

    13. Ray Kroc, who turned McDonald's into an international chain, was interested in purchasing the original McDonald's restaurant after he saw the McDonald brothers' implementation of what they called the "Speedee System." It was essentially the precursor to assembly line–prepped fast food as we know it.

    14. The biggest fast food chain in the country is actually Subway, not McDonald's. Subway has more than 40,000 locations while McDonald’s has around 35,400.

    15. McDonald's feeds around 62 million people every day, which is more people than live in Great Britain.

    16. The world record for the most Big Macs eaten belongs to Donald Gorske of Fon du Lac, Wisconsin. As of August 24, 2016, he's had 28,788 Big Macs and typically averages around 14 a week.

    17. There's a McDonald's café in Paris that (gasp!) doesn't sell hamburgers or French fries! Instead, the McCafé offers coffee, teas, soups, macarons, and sandwiches.

    18. Some of the specialty menu items you can find at McDonald's around the world: deep-fried cheese in Italy; McFalafel and McKebab in Israel; McSpaghetti with Chicken McNuggets on the side in the Philippines; cheese quiche in Brazil; and red bean pie in Hong Kong. Go crazy, world.

    19. A McDonald's strawberry shake doesn't actually contain any strawberries.

    20. The McDonald's training program, dubbed Hamburger University, has graduated more than 80,000 students.

    21. Newscaster Willard Scott was the first-ever Ronald McDonald. He invented the character and played him, before being fired for being too chubby.

    22. Mayor McCheese was only actually mayor of McDonaldland from between 1971 to 1985, and then he "retired."

    23. McDonald's was sued by the Krofft brothers, Sid and Marty Krofft, the creators of H.R. PufnStuf, who claimed that the characters of McDonaldland were way too similar to the Kroffts' inventions. McDonald's settled out of court in 1977.

    24. Some famous folks who've worked at Micky D's: James Franco, Lin Manuel Miranda, Rachel McAdams, and Shania Twain.

    25. The Queen of England apparently owns a McDonald's as part of her real estate holdings. How crazy is that?

    26. There are McDonald's restaurants in 110 countries around the world, but franchises have been banned from Bermuda, Iceland, Bolivia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, and Macedonia so stock up on Big Macs before you visit any of those spots.

    27. Anthropomorphic purple blob Grimace was introduced as a mascot in 1971. He originally had four arms and was supposed to be an evil character who stole milkshakes from children. Rude.

    28. A short list of things people have found in McDonald's food items: a needle, a piece of chewed gum, and a condom.

    29. The highest-calorie item on the menu is the 40-piece chicken McNuggets. They weigh in at 1,901 calories in total. Not that you're gonna eat 40 chicken nuggets all by yourself...are you?