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    25 Guys Every '90s Girl Had A Crush On Growing Up

    Or if you're gay. Or bi.

    1. Kevin McCallister

    2. Aladdin

    3. Simba

    4. Josh Lucas in Clueless

    5. Romeo in Romeo + Juliet

    6. Hercules

    7. Jack Dawson in Titanic

    8. Cole Turner in Charmed

    9. Zeke Tyler from The Faculty

    10. Tarzan

    11. Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You

    12. Alex Browning in Final Destination

    13. Zack Siler in She's All That

    14. Sebastian Valmont in Cruel Intentions

    15. Anakin Skywalker

    16. Jess in Gilmore Girls

    17. Legolas

    18. Clark Kent in Smallville

    19. Ephram in Everwood

    20. Seth Cohen in The O.C.

    21. Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill

    22. Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls

    23. Troy Bolton in High School Musical

    24. Boone Carlyle in Lost

    25. Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

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