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25 Guys Every '90s Girl Had A Crush On Growing Up

Or if you're gay. Or bi.

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1. Kevin McCallister

20th Century Fox

Your love for Kevin McCallister began like a Dickens novel: you fell in love at Christmastime. After watching Home Alone, not only did you wish your parents would forget you the next time they went on vacation, but you also dreamed of fighting bad guys alongside Kevin. Why, oh why weren't there any kids like this in your class?

2. Aladdin


"Do you trust me?" Trust you?! I'd be willing to drown my favorite teddy bear in the bathtub just so I could ride with you on your magic carpet. OF COURSE I TRUST YOU. NOW TAKE ME WITH YOU. GET ME OUT OF AGRABAH.

3. Simba


You can pinpoint the exact moment during the movie when this happened: Simba crossing the bridge that symbolized his passing from youth into manhood, whereupon he instantly became the sexiest lion in the entire kingdom. Was it weird to fall in love with a lion? Perhaps, but hey, what do I know, we were three years old, damn it. We were innocent. And happy.

4. Josh Lucas in Clueless

Paramount Pictures

Because it turns out there is a type of good guy that is just that: plain old good boys, not bad boys who are good deep down, but who drain all of your energy and your will to live along the way.


5. Romeo in Romeo + Juliet

20th Century Fox

There are still 56 years to go until Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar for that movie where he gets attacked by a bear, but in 1996 he had already won the most important award: your heart <3


9. Zeke Tyler from The Faculty

Dimension Films / Miramax

It's not that you were madly in love with Zeke Tyler, but just that you were head-over-heels in love with Josh Hartnett. He was the first thing you thought of when you woke up and the last thing on your mind before you fell asleep at night.

10. Tarzan


Not only did you love Tarzan, but you also wished you were the intellectual, cultured, and adventurous person that is Jane. She taught him literally EVERYTHING about life and then MOVED TO THE JUNGLE to be with him.


15. Anakin Skywalker


Remember that thing about bad boys who can be kind of nice, but who also drain all your energy and will to live in the meantime? Let me introduce you to Anakin Skywalker.


20. Seth Cohen in The O.C.


Okay, maybe you were one of those girls that was into Ryan, a guy who for some reason was only able to look sideways, but the real star of The O.C., the true man of your dreams, was Seth Cohen. He was smart, cute, dorky, and such a nice guy (and would celebrate Chrismukkah!). PLEASE.


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