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    Jan 24, 2017

    21 Things Every Shit Starter Is Guilty Of

    Secrets, screenshots and shade.

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    1. You've said the phrase "I hate drama" when you actually thrive on it.

    NBC / Via

    2. You LIVE AND BREATHE for gossip.

    Ellen / Via NBC

    3. Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with EVERYONE.

    Mattel / Via

    4. Screenshots have a special place in your heart — and your phone.

    Ryan Schocket

    5. And you've definitely made the mistake of sending screenshots to the wrong person.

    NBC / Via Giphy

    6. Other people's business is automatically your business.

    7. You're the king/queen of exaggerating literally everything.

    8. For you, there's NEVER a bad time to stir the pot.

    NBA / Via

    9. You'll bring up the past in the WORST moments.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    10. You have your group chat and a group chat to talk about the group chat.

    Samantha Wieder

    11. You've mastered the art of unfriending, unfollowing, and blocking people on social media.

    12. You encourage your friends to confront one another.

    13. And then you tell them, "I don't take sides." But obviously you do.

    14. Your squad feels safe knowing that NO ONE wants to fuck with you.

    15. OH, and you have no goddamn filter — you'll say whatever to whomever.

    Bravo / Via

    16. You have zero chill when it comes to cropping or leaving people out of pictures.


    17. Or throwing shady likes on social media.

    18. You have two ways of handling things. Like this:

    Samantha Wieder

    19. Or like this:


    20. Being sketchy AF about your plans is second-nature to you now.

    21. And this is your reaction when people finally call you out:

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