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    21 Painful Truths Anyone Who Has Experienced A Glo-Up Will Remember

    Let's ~face~ it, you weren't always a ten.

    1. How it felt the day you got braces.

    2. And your school pictures always ended up looking like this:

    3. When Proactiv was your best friend and most trusted advisor.

    4. And contacts were just too much of a struggle.

    5. When your makeup made you look like a traveling circus member.

    6. Or when trying to grow facial hair just resulted in your old-ass uncle saying "you got a little dirt on your face there, boy!"

    7. When you're the last one of your friends to blossom.

    8. So going anywhere with your BFF was always like:

    9. And when the whole squad is talking about their first kisses, you're just sitting there like:

    10. When you spent most of your time third-wheeling because you had no choice.

    11. Hearing your crush say "you're like a sister/brother to me."

    12. And being the ugly sibling felt like this:

    13. When your best feature was always your personality.

    14. And learning to be funny so people kept you around.

    15. When your phone was always dry AF on Valentine's Day.

    16. When drowning in your oversized clothes was the norm.

    17. And the growth spurt couldn't hit soon enough.

    18. When your voice cracked and you unexpectedly hit high notes that rivaled Mariah Carey's.

    19. Or when you took experimenting with your hair a bit too far.

    20. When your eyebrows weren't necessarily on fleek yet.

    21. And ~patiently~ waiting for that glo-up to actually happen.