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    19 Weird AF Things That Make Scottish People Happy

    The cock and balls forest on the M74 should be our national mascot.

    1. Getting a £1 note in your change.

    Twitter: @Lynnsweettweet

    Mainly because it means you can take a photo of it and put it on Facebook: "OMG can you believe these still exist?!?!"

    2. Sticky willie-ing someone.

    Twitter: @annarzepczynski

    You're not Scottish if you've never done this. "Hahaha! I stuck a plant to his back! Hahaha! He hasn't noticed! Ha!"

    3. Weird newspaper giveaways.

    4. That guy in Edinburgh who entertains people by putting his head in a bucket.

    Why did my careers adviser never tell me that this was an option?

    5. Perfectly toasted Mother's Pride with loads of butter.

    Twitter: @MrMalky

    Scottish Plain absolutely shits all over every other type of bread.

    6. Seeing a bloke just casually rocking a kilt.

    Twitter: @BarbaraBarna

    Not going to a wedding or anything, just stoating about in Tesco.

    7. Labels, products, and websites written in Scots.

    8. Hearing this song.

    You could have just fallen off a cliff, or discovered you owe £9,983 in back taxes, but if you hear 500 Miles you immediately feel better. "DA DA DA DA!"

    9. This exact meal.

    Twitter: @LiveLoveCeltic

    Looks shit, tastes amazing, especially if you mash it all together and make it into a piece (using Scottish Plain bread of course).

    10. And these exact sausages.

    11. Seeing something tartan that isn't usually tartan.

    12. Finding Irn-Bru when you're overseas.

    Twitter: @scotstralia2017

    And you buy it, even though it costs four times as much as it does normally.

    13. A Starbucks employee spelling your name right.

    14. Spotting a perfect sky-Saltire like this.

    Twitter: @MeteoLaPau

    *Pumps fist patriotically*

    15. And seeing Heilan' coos on a beach.

    16. Rude place names.

    17. Seeing this wine in a shop.

    Twitter: @spoonfulofsugr

    Someone should really tell that company what "ned" means over here.

    18. Finally reaching this sign. / Creative Commons

    Not to mention doing the traditional "wait for it, wait for it, woooooaaahhhhh..... YEAAAAAAH!" routine as you approach it. Such fun.

    19. And, of course, driving past the forest on the M74 that looks like a giant cock and balls.

    Twitter: @Leemidd90

    All hail whoever made the penis forest. They are a true Scottish hero.

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