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19 Weird AF Things That Make Scottish People Happy

The cock and balls forest on the M74 should be our national mascot.

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3. Weird newspaper giveaways.

Instagram: @sweatylettie

"You don't like white pudding, Tam."



7. Labels, products, and websites written in Scots.

Instagram: @stuartpyper

"Dinnae iron the print, ya numpty!" Nice.

8. Hearing this song.

You could have just fallen off a cliff, or discovered you owe £9,983 in back taxes, but if you hear 500 Miles you immediately feel better. "DA DA DA DA!"


10. And these exact sausages.

Instagram: @feliciabrit

Yes, they look like dead wean's fingers, and yes English people laugh at their name, but we know the truth: they're delightful little meaty joy-nuggets.

11. Seeing something tartan that isn't usually tartan.

Instagram: @vansofglasgow

*Wipes away patriotic tear*


13. A Starbucks employee spelling your name right.

Instagram: @scotchbrothx

This only happens about once in a lifetime if you have a Scottish name.

15. And seeing Heilan' coos on a beach.

Instagram: @rachcrewe

It just makes you feel so very, very Scottish.