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The Final Image Of 38 TV Shows From The 2000s

The tear-jerking closing moments from our favorite shows.

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2. Lost


On the finale episode "The End," Jack is shown lying there with Vincent. This final scene is much like the show's opening scene in which Jack's eyes jolt awake, except at the end, his eyes are fading shut.

3. Chappelle’s Show

Comedy Central

The final sketch of the series shown is one in which Dave meets "show business" in the form of a person. After that, the series concludes with Season 3 hosts Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy thanking everyone before exiting.

4. Charmed

Paramount Television

The series concludes with family photos being shown, and Prudence closing the front door with her powers, before a final shot shows the outside of the house.

5. 30 Rock


After Jenna performs and flashes the audience before walking off, we see an epilogue that ends with Kenneth in the flying-car-distance-future, talking to Liz's great-granddaughter, who is pitching a series based on Liz's stories from when she worked at TGS with Tracy Jordan.

6. Freaks and Geeks

DreamWorks Television

The single season of this series that ran in 1999 and 2000 ends with Lindsay joining her friends in a van, deciding to go on the road with them instead of an opportunity that arised for college over the summer.

9. Even Stevens


At the end of "Leavin' Stevens" we're shown the family unpacking, as they're staying in Sacramento after nearly moving to Washington, DC. The very last thing we see is a crying Coach Tugnut in front of the Washington Monument, yelling out for Donnie.

11. Malcolm in the Middle

20th Television

The final scene of this episode titled "Graduation," shows Malcolm, who is working part-time as a janitor at Harvard, hurrying off the phone to get to class.

13. Futurama

20th Television

An elderly Fry and Leela have spent decades together, but the Professor has a device that can take the entire universe back to right before said device was created, however it'll erase their memories. Still, they agree to it, and the series ends right as the Professor activates the device.

14. Desperate Housewives


The finale episode titled "Finishing the Hat" ends by showing Jennifer, the woman who purchased Susan's house, hiding a box in a locked cabinet, as Mary Alice's voice over suggests there'll be plenty of secrets that won't stay hidden on Wisteria Lane.

15. Lizzie McGuire


In "Magic Train," the episode ends with Lizzie celebrating after rallying students together and standing up to Kate Sanders. The cartoon version of Lizzie is briefly shown, and a very final scene that follows shows her brother Matt trying to save a dust bunny, as his father looks on disgusted.

18. Scrubs

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

The show ends with Lucy giving a speech, but the very last thing we see as the end credits roll is Turk talking, and indirectly revealing that he and Carla had a second daughter.

19. Nip/Tuck

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

At the end of "Hiro Yoshimura," we see Christian at the airport, as a conversation strikes up between he and a blonde woman who overhears that he's a doctor — more specifically, a plastic surgeon.

20. Entourage


At the end of Entourage, we see Vince, his fiancé, Drama, and Turtle get on one plane, while Eric and Sloan get on another, as the two take off side by side. A very final scene after the credits shows Ari with his happy wife whom he freshly reconciled with, when he gets a phone call offering him CEO position in Hollywood.

21. House M.D.

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

At the end of "Everybody Dies," House and Wilson are seen on motorcycles, as they drive off, the view from overhead pans towards the countryside with "Enjoy Yourself (It's Later than You Think)" by Louis Prima playing in the background.

23. That '70s Show

Carsey-Werner Productions

The final scene of "That '70s Finale" shows the group together, hurrying up the stairs for the final countdown of the year as the '80s are about to begin.

24. Law & Order


In the closing moments of "Rubber Room," Van Buren gets a phone call that one can only assume delivered positive news regarding her cancer, as she gathers herself and gives Frank a hug.

25. The Sopranos


The final episode, "Made in America," concludes with Tony and his family at a diner. We see Meadow running late, parking her car outside. The door opens, the bell rings, and Tony looks up before the screen cuts to black, leaving his fate up for speculation.

28. The Hills


At the end of The Hills, after it's revealed that Brody Jenner is on a back lot and Kristin gets out of the car to hug him, we get a view from above as the end credits begin.

31. Veronica Mars

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

The final image of "The Bitch Is Back" showed Veronica walking in the rain after visiting a voting booth to vote for Keith as sheriff.

32. Six Feet Under


After an emotional montage of flash-fowards that shows each characters' future deaths set to "Breathe Me" by Sia, the last thing seen is Claire in present times, driving on the open road.

33. The Shield

20th Television

"The Family Meeting" ends with Vic at ICE. He looks at pictures of his children, and after the lights turn out, he grabs his gun from a lock box, puts on his jacket, and walks away.

35. Monk

NBCUniversal Television Distribution

"Mr. Monk and the End" concluded with a final shot of Monk and Natalie arriving at a crime scene where they meet Stottlemeyer, and the three of them proceed into a building.

36. The O.C.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

In the final moments of "The End's Not Near, It's Here," Ryan, who is now a successful architect working on a project, spots a kid on the street and asks if he needs help.

37. Angel

20th Television

In the final scene of "Not Fade Away," Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Illyria stand together, preparing to battle an incoming army of creatures. Angel says "Let's go to work," and swings right before it cuts to black.

38. Sex and the City


The series finale titled "An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux)" ends with Carrie on the phone with Mr. Big as she walks among crowds of people down the street.

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