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23 Times Drunk Australians Were The Best Australians

Not all just waiting for a mate.

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1. Drunk Australians help each other out.

2. We come up with new and inventive ways to enjoy our favourite drinks.

Reddit: CrispKev / Via

3. And oh boy, do we enjoy them.

me: strewth me tannins are goin off their fuckin cluckers - kind of wine's this then sommelier: that's a vb sir me: so bloody smooth

4. Because a drunk Australian knows the value of stocking up.

Imgur: OBtwo / Via

5. Drunk Australians are forward thinkers.

6. Drunk Aussies will take any excuse to party.

Instagram: @drunkgirlsofmelbournecup

7. And it's often a case of last one standing wins.

australian of the year should be decided by a drinking contest

8. They have their priorities in order.

Reddit: RightSideUpAussie / Via

9. Though sometimes their ambitions are set too high.

10. Drunk Aussies love to celebrate.

Reddit: snarshmallow / Via

11. And they'll do whatever's necessary to get a beer in a noisy pub.

Reddit: Rebound / Via

12. Drunk Australians are genius mixologists.

I'm using a zooper dooper as a crazy straw for my goon You're welcome 'straya

13. They're engineering experts.

#STRAYA ALERT: A drunk driver has been fined after he was caught driving a motorised esky in Melbourne's east…

14. ...and can do some damn impressive things.

15. They're willing to share.

Channel 9 / Via

16. And they're always trying to help out.

Channel 9

17. Though sometimes they can get a bit carried away.

Channel 7

18. Drunk Australians know a thing or two about drinking games.

Tape the drunk man to the clothes line #straya #nicoleisnap

19. And they always bring the best props.

Instagram: @browncardigan / Via

20. Not to mention the squad outfits.

Instagram: @jcox92 / Via

21. Drunk Australians know how to take a good selfie.

22. And they're not ashamed of their opinions.... at least until they sober up.

Most embarrassing drunk tweet ever #shame #guilty #remorse

23. But most of all, Australians are always there for their mates.

Channel 2

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