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23 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Grow Up With A Dog

Kid's best friend.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best pictures of their kids and dogs. Here's the adorable reasons why they make the best of friends.

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1. Because dogs are the ultimate BFFs.

adriennec4219c9fd5 / Via

2. They'll play dress-up with you when you want to go trick-or-treating.

Jennifer Riley Williams

3. Have secret meetings with you when you need someone to talk to.

Ashley Ramos, Erin Burt Spergel, irishcowgirl / Via

4. Or even volunteer to help fulfill your hobbies.

ashleybarrettu / Via

5. Dogs don't mind lazy Sundays.

coconut0501 / Via

6. They're always down to binge-watch TV with you.

Ashley Panossian

7. And they love movie marathons just as much as anyone else.

Jonelle Potter/BuzzFeed

8. Dogs are always there to comfort you.

Elin A. Frodin Greenberg

9. Whether it's because you're tired...

Samantha Reed, Madisen McDonley, skyw48194752d / Via

10. Or just in need of a hug...

Rylie Wahl

11. They'll always be there for support.

Jay Sanders

12. Dogs are there during many stages of your life.

kerir43c6924d0 / Via

13. They're by your side for all the adventures.

stephanieu4bae54329 / Via, Yoli Khuu

14. All of the weekend strolls...

Kristen Berry-delaRosa

15. And all of the fun.

Gabrielle Rubin / BuzzFeed

16. Dogs make you laugh.

Erin Burt Spergel

17. They make you smile.

Karen Roach

18. And they always make your days brighter.

Vero Sacco

19. Dogs teach us about unconditional love...

j4674d05a7 / Via

20. Loyalty that lasts a lifetime...

Laura Potesta

21. And the special bond of true friendship.

Jenny Cryderman

22. Dogs are basically the big brother/sister you've always dreamed of.

mkdoar / Via

23. And nothing can compete with the connection between a kid and their dog.

Rita Tortora

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Tiffany Marie

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