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January 5, 2017

How "Sleepy Hollow" Is Rebooting In Season 4

The controversial death of Abbie Mills left a void — in Ichabod Crane's life, in viewers' hearts, and in the show itself. But Janina Gavankar, Sleepy Hollow's new female lead, won't be trying to take Abbie's place in Season 4.

Trump Can Fill More Seats On A Key Federal Court

Judge Richard Leon, who ruled in 2013 that the NSA's bulk telephone metadata surveillance program was likely unconstitutional, is now a senior judge. The move creates a fourth vacancy on the court for Trump to fill.

What % Blair Waldorf Are You?

"Ladies, you can give your tiny brains a rest. Once again the world has proven that anything you can do, I can do better."

What's Going On Around The World Today?

BuzzFeed News reviewed 28 alleged hateful incidents that were reported after Trump’s win, and the majority of them checked out. Chicago police are investigating a Facebook Live video in which a man was tortured as a possible hate crime — four people were taken into custody. And Gambia’s dictator is hiring mercenaries with ties to other West African regimes after his election defeat.

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