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    You're Wrong If You Don't Think Chihuahuas Are The Best Dogs On This Good Earth

    Chihuahuas 4ever.

    Chihuahuas are honestly the best goddamn dogs on the planet. Sorry, but it's true.

    Even the iconic Paris Hilton and Elle Woods agree.

    Phil Mccarten / Getty Images

    And let's not forget that Taco Bell was totally #TeamChihuahua in the '90s.

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    Let's look at the facts. Chihuahuas are the most loyal cuddly creatures who have an infinite amount of love to provide you even on your worst days.

    And they don't ask for much. All they really need to meet their happiness quota is a good belly rub.

    Or perhaps some alone time bathing in a pool of sunlight.

    And while they may not *LOVE* dressing up as much as you love dressing up, they will wear these tiny clothes because they know it makes you happy.

    They are cute in the absolute goofiest sort of way, but it's what gives them that chihuahua charm.

    And while they may try and sneak food from time to time, all they really want to steal is a nice, soft blanket.

    Or to steal a spot on your bed, for that matter.

    They are small enough to be A+ travel companions.

    And they love adventures.

    And look, yes they are yippy dogs, but they do it out of LOVE and PROTECTION for YOU, and that is honestly really beautiful.

    But at the end of the day, all they're really looking for is your comforting presence — and your lap to lie on.

    And that, friends, is why we all should be #BLESSED to have chihuahuas in our lives.

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