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25 Facts That Might Surprise '90s Kids

You can blame all those crappy direct-to-video Disney sequels on The Return of Jafar!

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9. There is a banned episode of Tiny Toons where Buster, Hamton, and Plucky get drunk, steal a police car, and die in a drunk driving accident.

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The episode, titled "One Beer," was meant as a PSA against the dangers of drinking. After airing once it was never rebroadcast. You can watch it here.

10. When Beanie Babies first launched in 1993, they were NOT a successful toy line. It wasn't until a group of neighbors in suburban Chicago decided to start trading them (with rules) that their popularity grew.

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Beanie Babies also accounted for 10% of eBay's early sales.


14. Clarissa Explains It All almost got a spinoff series that would have aired on CBS.


The series was titled Clarissa Now and would have followed Clarissa's life in New York as a college student and intern at a newspaper. A pilot for the series was shot.

15. Animaniacs was originally envisioned to be about four ducks named Yakki, Smakki, Wakki, and Dot.

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They nixed the idea of ducks as the leads after they noticed how many other duck-themed cartoons existed.

16. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is actually a bit of a spinoff from a 1988 comedic play titled Ladies’ Room — in which Romy and Michele appear as minor characters.


17. Marlon Wayans gets residuals for Batman Forever, even though he does NOT appear in the movie.

Marlon had signed on to play Robin (opposite Michael Keaton’s Batman) in what would’ve been Tim Burton’s third Batman film. When Warner Bros. decided against having Burton direct Batman Forever (because the film would’ve had the same dark tone as Batman Returns), they brought in Joel Schumacher, who cast Chris O’Donnell in the role. Per a clause in Marlon's contract he was paid his salary plus residuals, even though he didn’t appear in the film.

18. Jessie was originally supposed to be addicted to speed not caffeine pills in that classic episode of Saved by the Bell.


The show's producers changed it from speed to caffeine pills after NBC's standards department deemed it too dark for a kids' show.