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Ed Sheeran Just Revealed He's Releasing New Music This Week

"It's only January 1st and Ed Sheeran has ALREADY saved 2017."

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Ed Sheeran is releasing new music this Friday, he announced on New Year's Day.

In a nine-second video posted on Facebook, as well as Twitter and Instagram, Sheeran waves and smiles as he holds up a piece of paper with "New music coming Friday!!" written on it. The video is captioned with the words "Hello 2017".

It's been over a year since the 25-year-old announced he was taking a break from social media, but last week he changed all his profile pictures to a solid blue background.


Now his fans are already saying Sheeran's announcement has saved 2017.

ed sheeran : tweets a silent 9 seconds video everyone :

it's only january 1st and ed sheeran has ALREADY saved 2017. bless him.

Let's just hope this doesn't jinx everything...

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