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If You Like Big Dogs, You Will Love Leonbergers

So big, so sweet.

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1. As puppies, Leonbergers are small, cute balls of fluff.

Instagram: @loverleonberger

2. When they grow up, they are VERY big, and still very fluffy.

Instagram: @leonberger_

Male Leonbergers can be up to 170 pounds, and females up to 135.

3. Leonbergers are as majestic as lions.

Instagram: @kally92

4. Even though they're large dogs, they're as playful as puppies.

Instagram: @andrey19602013

5. They're very gentle, which makes them great family dogs.

Instagram: @moni_in_love

6. And they really love their humans.

Instagram: @sirkrett

7. They love their other pet friends, too.

Instagram: @petjar63

8. Seriously, there's no one they don't like.

Instagram: @lulyaluna

10. Leonbergers are strong, healthy dogs.

Instagram: @pawsinherts_pack

Like most big dogs, their lifespan is generally shorter than smaller dogs, averaging about seven years.

11. Leonbergers' personality is described as friendly, intelligent, and very laid-back. Some might even say chill.

Instagram: @syzo68

12. And once more, let's keep in mind how FREAKING cute they are as puppies.

Instagram: @perro_en_patser

13. Leonbergers' personalities are as big as they are.

Instagram: @balio_leonberger

14. And they love to goof around.

Instagram: @anutou

15. Leonbergers are very protective and like to keep watch for their humans.

Instagram: @niemi_jukka

16. Basically, they are very good boys, whether small...

Instagram: @loverleonberger

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