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    If You Like Big Dogs, You Will Love Leonbergers

    So big, so sweet.

    1. As puppies, Leonbergers are small, cute balls of fluff.

    2. When they grow up, they are VERY big, and still very fluffy.

    3. Leonbergers are as majestic as lions.

    4. Even though they're large dogs, they're as playful as puppies.

    5. They're very gentle, which makes them great family dogs.

    6. And they really love their humans.

    7. They love their other pet friends, too.

    8. Seriously, there's no one they don't like.

    9. They are also very obedient.

    10. Leonbergers are strong, healthy dogs.

    11. Leonbergers' personality is described as friendly, intelligent, and very laid-back. Some might even say chill.

    12. And once more, let's keep in mind how FREAKING cute they are as puppies.

    13. Leonbergers' personalities are as big as they are.

    14. And they love to goof around.

    15. Leonbergers are very protective and like to keep watch for their humans.

    16. Basically, they are very good boys, whether small...

    17. ... or very, very big.

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