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    You Need To Listen To This New Café Tacvba Song Right Now

    "Futuro" is here and it's chill AF.

    Let's freak out about Café Tacvba for a quick sec: They're the iconic Mexican rock band behind such legendary songs like "Eres," "María," "Ingrata," and a plethora of other amazing work.

    Having said all that, pop on your headphones listen to their new single "Futuro" which was released on New Year's Day.

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    This is the band's second single, following "Un Par De Lugares," and will be featured in the band's next album, set to be released next spring.

    The song is the beautifully deranged love child of traditional Latin American folk music and experimental electronica.

    Quique Rangel, who composed and wrote the song, stated in a press release, "The relationship between life and death and the perception of time are two themes that 'Futuro' explores without solemnity or optimism. But it also points to a brighter promise if we allow ourselves to recognize the here and now.”

    Rubén Albarrán and Quique Rangel are the lead vocals for the song, and Academy Award-winner and longtime collaborator Gustavo Santaolalla produced the track.

    Get pumped for the trials and tribulations of 2017 and listen to the song here:

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