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We Tested $1 Vs. $55 Lipstick And This Is What Happened

These lips don't lie.

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Hello, world! People with lips here. Like lots of humans in the world, we like lipstick, but because there are so many freaking choices at so many different prices, we’re always investigating to see which are really worth the money.

So four of us decided to see how cheap lipstick held up to average and expensive lipstick. Here's how it went:

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Jazzmyne and Quinta both really liked the lipstick, and liked it even more when they realized it was cheap as hell. It means you could try out any colors you want!

Jazzmyne and Quinta were unimpressed with the lipstick overall, except for the fact that it would make lining your lips easier because it has a pointed shape.

And Lara and Nina pretty much felt the same — the color wasn't as rich, it didn't go on as smoothly. It may not be worth $55... but it sure is beautiful.

Overall, we loved MAC, but Wet N Wild was the favorite since it's 99 cents and makes experimenting fun and easy!

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