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Can You Get 100% On This A-Z "Sex And The City" Test?

How well do you remember the show?

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  1. Name the CITY beginning with A that Charlotte celebrates her 36th birthday in.

  2. Give the FIRST NAME of Miranda and Steve's son that begins with B.

  3. Which COCKTAIL beginning with C is Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte's favourite?

  4. Name Harry's JOB beginning with D.

  5. Give the FULL NAME of Charlotte and Harry's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel beginning with E?

  6. What THING beginning with F does Aidan build for a living?

  7. Give the FIRST NAME of the man who gives Charlotte crabs beginning with G.

  8. Name the COLLEGE beginning with H that Miranda got her law degree from.

  9. Which three-word PHRASE beginning with "I..." did Samantha say to Richard after she took ecstasy?

  10. Name Miranda's favourite SOAP OPERA beginning with J.

  11. Give the name of Charlotte's former Smith College SORORITY beginning with K.

  12. Give the FIRST NAME of Charlotte and Harry's first daughter beginning with L.

  13. Name Carrie's favourite shoe designer beginning with M.

  14. Give the FIRST NAME of the woman who marries Big in Paris beginning with N.

  15. Which WORD beginning with O does Big call Carrie as when she's dating Alexander Petrovsky?

  16. Give the name of Aidan's dog beginning with P.

  17. Name the New York BOROUGH beginning with Q that Steve grew up in.

  18. Name the RESTAURANT beginning with R that Smithy is working at when he meets Samantha.

  19. Give the name of the DOG that Steve ends up naming his bar after beginning with S.

  20. Give Charlotte's first husband's FULL NAME beginning with T.

  21. Give the name of the Manhattan NEIGHBOURHOOD where Carrie lives beginning with U.

  22. Name the MAGAZINE beginning with V that Carrie writes for.

  23. Give the SURNAME of Carrie's wedding dress designer beginning with W.

  24. Give the first name of Carrie's eX-BOYFRIEND who was campaigning to be city senator and also wanted to pee on her.

  25. Name the baseball team beginning with Y that Joe, a guy Carrie dates, plays for.

  26. Name the PHRASE beginning with Z that Carrie uses to describe her chemistry with Berger.


Steve grew up in Queens. He did not move there with Miranda, as a previous version of this post suggested. My bad!

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