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Taylor Swift Fans Have Gone Into Overdrive With This "Eclipse" Theory


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I'm sure you didn't miss this, but over the weekend everyone's fave (even if you won't admit it) Taylor Swift deleted everything off her social media accounts.

The social media blackout ๐Ÿ–ฅ๐Ÿ™… #TS6ISCOMING

We're all pretty much in agreement that it means her new, long-overdue album will be dropping soon.

Even as far back as six months ago, fans were theorising that stars would be a part of her new album's theme.

There were a lot of tiny hints: She wore star temporary tattoos to Drake's birthday party, the promo material for her Super Bowl show featured stars, a guitar she used at the show had stars on it, she decorated Lorde's birthday card with stars, and she wore a few outfits featuring stars.


Also, this Insta post from Kesha last year sparked rumours and theories that the Grammy-winning artist she collab-ed with was Taylor. Her caption includes 13 emojis and has three different types of stars.

People also looked to the Instagram of Scott Borchetta, the founder of Taylor's record label, Big Machine Label Group. The time on the clock in this photo he posted last month lines up with the time that the eclipse will be most visible.

TS6 is rumored about time/the eclipse. The time is set at 2:50, the time the eclipse is at it's peak in New York..โ€ฆ


Last week Kenny Chesney announced that his new album would feature a recording of a duet he did with Taylor titled... "Big Star".

Kenny Chesney is releasing #LiveInNoShoesNation - a live album on Oct 27 which will feature his 2015 performance ofโ€ฆ

TBH, I personally do not buy the whole ~Eclipse~ thing because of the Twilight connotations. But I am 100% wholeheartedly into the stars and space theory.

But also, I am very easily convinced by nonsense, and it's surprising that I've lived for 25 years and haven't yet been recruited into a cult.