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    7 Celebrities Who Claim They Had Sexual Encounters With A Ghost — Yes, An Actual Ghost

    "It was really pleasurable, and I enjoyed it."

    I was today years old when I found that spectrophilia — the attraction between ghosts and people — was a real thing.

    But it defined what I felt when I had a major childhood crush on Casper in his human and ghostly form in his 1995 live-action debut with Christina Ricci.

    Boy asks, "can i keep you?"

    As someone who gets nightly visits from sleep paralysis demons, it's only a matter of time before my once innocent attraction reaches third base and I lose my phantom virginity to some apparitions.

    In all seriousness, my curiosity led me to wonder if anyone out there had actually talked about their *ahem* relations with ghosts before. Turns out they have! And not only that, there are some famous people who've claimed to have sexual encounters with ghosts too.

    Here are the celebrities who have claimed to have had a sexy rendezvous with a ghost.

    1. In a 2016 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts, child pop star turned R&B legend Bobby Brown admitted that he had sex with a ghost.

    Bobby Brown

    Brown said that after purchasing a really spooky mansion in Georgia he woke up one night to discover he was "being mounted by a ghost."

    Bobby Brown says, "I've had some crazy situations"

    2. In 1999, my favorite Charlie's Angel and ass-kicking assassin, Lucy Liu, told Us Weekly that she got busy with a ghost while taking a little cat nap.

    Lucy Liu smiling

    3. In 2004, Anna Nicole Smith, a former model who walked on reality TV so the Kardashians could run, claimed to have frequent sex with her ghost.

    closeup of Anna Nicole Smith

    4. Not all celebrity ghost encounters have been positive, though. TV personality and amateur ghost hunter Coco Austin described her experience as an unwanted advance.

    Coco Austin smiling

    It was later re-enacted on The Haunting Of TV series. Luckily, she included years later, the ghost didn't follow her and her husband, the rapper Ice-T, when they moved to New York.

    Coco saying, "I could actually see my hair on my face move from his breath"

    5. Actor Natasha Blasick, who ironically starred in Paranormal Activity 2, says she had two intimate encounters with a ghost.

    Natasha Blasick smiling

    In an interview with This Morning, Blasick could feel the energy of something touching her. "At first, I was very confused, then I decided to relax, and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it." Once the ghost left, it returned a month later.

    Natasha on the show

    6. Actor Paz de la Huerta, who starred in Boardwalk Empire and my favorite obscure trippy movie, Enter the Void, claims her ghostly rendezvous was no random ol' spirit.

    Paz de la Huerta smiling

    7. Arguably the most famous night of passion with a ghost comes from pop star Kesha, known for singing about the experience in her song "Supernatural."

    closeup of Kesha

    While being interviewed on Conan, the eccentric singer claims "it was a sexy time" even though she didn't even know his name.

    The fact is sexual ghost encounters are happening. But I'm not one to say whether or not these experiences are real, imagined, or just a variation of sleep paralysis.

    What I do know is that Casper (aka Devon Sawa) grew up and looks like this now, so I'm crossing my fingers that if and when I get my ghostly visit, it's him.

    closeup of Devon Sawa

    What are your takes on spectrophilia and sexual encounters with ghosts? Let me know in the comments if you've had your own experiences.